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Twilight Totally Take Over Los Angeles

Deaf Already[Everglow Media]
In what is possibly the craziest movie premiere ever (or at least one I actually take time to watch live streamed despite our mega slow internet at home), the Twilight Los Angeles Premiere is absolutely mayhem. From the longest red carpet I've seen (It's a U shaped one!), to all the screaming fans who camped out days beforehand and of course to the craziness that actually occurs when Rob and Kristen finally get there, that was absolutely nuts.

And that was just the beginning. I'm sure Summit had NO IDEA this would be the kind of reception they'd get when they sealed the deal to produce this series. And I doubt the stars knew what they were getting into either. I know they'll be deaf afterwards though.

Looks like this'll last a couple more years. Or at least till Breaking Dawn gets made. For sure, that's happening.

Los Angeles Premiere

I know others don't see them as Edward and Bella but since I came into fandom late and have zero imagination, they really do embody it for me

Though these two have been to red carpets, i'm sure this was the first time they had to do this in this scale. Well done considering everything


The evolution of the hair touch. If I were him, I'd be touching my hair all the time too. Just saying.

Blue Steel. He can do it too, Zoolander.

Rob + Gucci = match made in heaven. yes the pants do look a tad tight and the shirt too. But do you see me complaining? No.

Yes these people actually camped out. I don't think I have the patience to do this. EVER.

pensive is pensive. I love the shots with the red carpet looming in the background

In the end, he's just a goofy guy feeling lucky to be there.


I know others weren't so fond of it, but I thought Kristen looked great in her Balenciaga Resort 2009 asymmetric colour block dress. Her shoes could have been strappys, but leave it to Kristen

Whoever said Kristen wasn't smiley obviously wasn't paying attention here. Look at that smile

She may be a bitch to the paparazzi but she loves the fans.

I really liked her hair. I don't know how to do this but her hair looks fab

Skinny girl is skinny. I guess from all the stress of promoting

I know it's the way I colored it, but her hair is like fire here. I love it

After Party

And after the show is... the after party!
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