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Will they hate me for all the choices I’ve made? Will they stop when they see me again?

Now I’m all yours[25 Down/27 To Go!]
[+] Hectic week is hectic though I’m glad I was able to rest adequately. In fact, I’ve been sleeping uber early this week and it’s very very weird.

[-] Still, the dyspnea isn’t going away and I need to be more conscious of my breathing. Don’t forget to breathe, Patty!!! It should come naturally, but it doesn't. Why body?!

[+] Thanks to its_elaine for the VGIFT. I wish I knew more about soccer other than the very very hot players. But really, thanks!

[+] Thanks to everyone who read and made me feel less spaztastic here. I hate being whiny so thank you for all your kind words and reassurances. I really do appreciate you all.

[+] Can this weekend get any shorter? I feel like it’s just Friday afternoon. Hope everyone has a great Eclipse week up ahead!

It’s always such a feat to drag myself to work on a Monday morning but all I kept thinking about was going home to finish reading The Lost Symbol which I started late Sunday afternoon. Easy read is easy and as usual it’s complex and crazy but hella entertaining. I want another Robert Langdon novel. You know what I don’t like on a Monday? Office drama. Seriously. I just want everyone to get along. I’m gonna try my best to do my part but really no need for drama.
It feels weird being an orphan this week. With my parents in Baguio (with my aunt and uncle), I keep meaning to text my dad when I’m on my way home only to realize they aren’t home! Also, I don’t understand why I sleep so early these days. My work day wasn’t exactly the most stressful but when I got home, I fell right asleep. I was going to read some fic and get ahead on my book, Eat Pray Love but instead I eat an afternoon snack and fall asleep!
There is officially something wrong with me. Or so I think. Sure, I had a really hectic day today (including trekking to the mall on my lunch break to buy Eclipse tickets) that ended really late, thanks to the event for work, but I don’t remember going to bed early three days in a row. I took a cab going home because I didn’t think I could commute in a jeep anymore and when I got home instead of using the computer, I sleep. It’s the end of the world, I tell you.
I was feeling horrible the entire day at work today which is weird because I have done nothing but sleep early the past few days. I was seriously considering taking half the day off to sleep it out but then I had meetings and deadlines to meet and my boss was at a seminar. So I ponied it up and tried my best to make it through the day. I took my sweet time getting home and didn’t do my walk-run thing. And surprisingly, it’s 8:16 and I’m still up. This is a miracle.
It’s crazy what a little late night can do to me. I go to work refreshed and rejuvenated despite feeling horrible yesterday and all I did was STAY UP. My body is so messed up, it’s not used to healthier things. Still, today while reading Eat Pray Love I’ve come to realize that I might actually really need to take Yoga up. I’m in a constant state of agitation/anxiety and a little deep breathing and meditation could help. Or so I hope. I’m glad it’s finally Friday.
In the most surprising decision ever, I actually choose to get out of the house today to drive my grandma around. Her driver isn’t available and she wants my mom to come along so I take her to the hospital and to my cousin’s house. The cousin’s house part was fun as always. It’s always nice to just hang out in their place and watch TV. Plus they have the best junk food. We ended up watching This is It. I can’t believe it’s been a year.
I've been waking up early in accordance with sleeping early and I wish I could sleep in. Still, this week wasn't so bad with the fic updates. All the consistent ones updated of course (This is not my life, The Cullen Campaign and For the Summer), BUT we also got the not so regulars With Teeth, A Rough Start and Just Wait. In sad news Counterpoint had it's ending and Bad Press got pulled. I hate when this happens. Still, with all those updates, I can't complain.
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