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TV Time: The Doctor's Enemies Gang Up On Him; Emily, Your Photo is Out there Somewhere

[Pretty Little Liars Fan]
Because clearly this summer is barren with shows (and I’m too lazy to do my re-watches just yet), I’ve grown to actually enjoy Pretty Little Liars. The 10-episode season makes it feel like I’m not investing actual time to it. Meanwhile, Doctor Who is keeping me on the edge of my seat with this two-part business. I don’t want next week to be the finale just yet. They cannot make us wait another year.

Doctor Who 05x13: The Pandorica Opens

Everyone the Doctor has ever helped (from Van Gogh to Winston Churchill to the Queen to River Song) all band together to send the Doctor a message via a painting courtesy of Van Gogh. What is it? It’s the Tardis! Exploding. I have to say, it’s a really pretty Van Gogh and I like it. A lot. Apparently, all of the Doctor’s enemies have also gotten together to defeat him! With the help of the Romans, the Doctor thinks he’s got them but no. They lock him into the Pandorica while roman!Rory succumbs to his robot side and Amy gets shot. WAY TO GO CLIFF HANGER. Moffat, I’m looking at you. You better right this next week.

With this being the second to the last episode, I was definitely on edge. Though I’m still worried about the crack in the wall and the Doctor being trapped in the Pandorica, I know things will be okay for him. River Song will surely get him out of this or at least help and I’m sure the Doctor will survive to see another day. But what I am scared of is Rory/Amy. Just when Amy starts to remember, and we get Rory back, we lose them! I don’t know if Rory will ever come back to life, but I can’t let Amy die.

It just makes me sad cause this episode was fun in that the Doctor didn’t even realize Rory was back and Amy was trying to piece things together with her ring and telling Rory who he was. Also, the Doctor and Rory and Amy have great chemistry and it would be nice to see them go through more adventures next season. Unless of course they change the companion and all that. Still, explosive episode leading to the finale and boy am I excited to see it all pan out.

Pretty Little Liars 01x03: To Kill a Mocking Girl

In this week’s sordid episode of my newest guilty pleasure, we’ve got the four girls going through more mysterious stuff. We have Hannah being ‘desperate’ to get into boyfriend’s pants and having serious sexual tension with the cop. Let’s bet the cop gets in Hannah’s pants too. How gross though, both mom and kid? It’s sketchy how this cop is hanging around as well. But now that we know he’s been eavesdropping on conversations between the mom-daughter duo, I expect shit to hit the fan with him soon. Also, Hannah’s flashback’s are hilarious. Fatsuit!Fail.

Meanwhile, Aria is trying to keep the mistress away from the dad, whom I’ve got to say looks uninterested, or at least is at least trying hard to be. This emotional burden she’s carrying -- Aria that is -- drives her into the arms of Mr. Fitz -- WHO REALLY LOOKS LIKE RUFUS HUMPHREY. Come on kid, hugging outside your teacher’s apartment? Totally going to get caught that way. At least she’s graduated from handholding in school to booty calls to his place. Playing with fiiiire.

In the meantime, Emily and finally breaks up with her cover-boyfriend after he assaults her in the locker room -- only to be saved by Toby, their fall guy, who is also shrouded with mystery. This is the same boyfriend who was mucho understanding last week. What is up with boyfriends totally doing a 180 in this show? First Hannah’s and now Emily’s. OH well, it’s convenient because look! Her ‘friend’ and her can now make out in the photo booth. But wait, where is the photo?!

Finally, my personal favorite Spencer is getting the cold shoulder from Nanny!Carrie -- complete with disposing of wedding magazines in front of her before breakfast. Classy, Nanny Carrie. Very classy. For all her smarts, Spencer must be pretty distraught over this because not only does she seek the help of Wren (as if British guy can do ANYTHING -- he looks pretty helpless, unless you want massages) and then goes on to PLAGIARIZE HER SISTER’S WORK. Brilliant job, Spencer. Say goodbye to the Ivy League. You just sealed your fate.

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