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Kristen and Taylor Go On A Eurotrip

Ciao! Guten Tag! Hej![Kristen Stewart Fan]
With just 6 Days to Go before Eclipse, I've successfully bought my tickets for the first few screenings and I can now relax. You know who hasn't gotten time to relax though? Kristen and Taylor who have been all over Europe doing promotions for Eclipse.

It makes me wish Rob would have gone along but he's stuck in LA filming Water for Elephants so I won't complain (especially since I'm kind of in love with the book). Still, looking at all these pretty makes me wish Rob did come along. We'll make do with what we have. Kristen made up for the pretty.

Rome Photo Call

First stop on the tour was Rome where two years ago, she looked fab. This time around, she looked amazing as well in her black J. Mendel Fall 2010 tweed dress that had sheer straps and a sheer trim on her layered skirt with black open-toe heels. I love how relaxed she looked in this dress.

Smiley as ever, Kristen looked really comfortable with Taylor and they were so adorable. I like how relaxed they are around each other. Approve +

Rome Fan Event

Who knew our girl could handle all these ruffles? Kristen blew me away in her black Marchesa Fall 2010 strapless embroidered dress with sculpted satin detail. She worked the red carpet and just really owned it. I love it.

And her hair was different too! I love how she really tried her best to get to all the fans and signed as many autographs as possible. It's always nice to give back to the fans who camped out.

Berlin Photo Call

Though Berlin had no fan event, their photo call was enough. Kristen looked her best in her Versace Fall 2010 black dress with blue detail and Camilla Skovgaard open toe button booties It felt the most Kristen dress and you could tell by the smile on her face and her owning it in pictures.

Still, I wish we'd gotten a fan even if only for another outfit. The blue detailing and zippers on her dress really made this look A+ for me. +

Stockholm Photo Call

The photocall for Stockholm was probably my least favorite look but it doesn't mean kristen looked bad. in fact, she looked good in her Oscar de la Renta Fall 2010 dress with gold textured lamé embroidery. I like the dress in theory but perhaps not her best on her.

Still, she wasn't as bubbly. Then again, it's the third stop and she's most definitely exhausted. I'm glad we still got some smiles from her and lots of pretty. +++

Stockholm Fan Event

I love love love how Kristen looked in the fan event just because we got some color form her Zac Posen Fall 2010 mini strapless printed dress with the detail on the neckline. She looked great from all sides even if didn't get a full body shot

She was probably just relieved to have this as her last event and knowing she would be heading home soon.
Still, she's far from relaxation with the LA premiere coming up. I'm excited to see what her look will be for that one but so far, based on this press tour? really good.

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