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This will be my last confession, "I love you" never felt like any blessing

Whisper it like it's a secret[24 Down/28 To Go!]
[+] Though the week started with the death of my flash drive, at least I was able to replace it right away (with some spending). I've come to realize that I'm not much of a spender. Obviously.

[+] Thank you beeeeej for the wonderful postcard from Disney! It was such a surprise to see it when I got home Friday night after a long ass day. I really wish I could have gone as well. Sweetest ever.

[+] Of course it didn't hurt either that the week only had four work days. God I love long weekends and it upsets me that there won't be one in July. However, getting the proclamation that June 30 would be Inauguration Day? WIN. Thanks new president. Good day to choose.

[+] I need another long weekend. I've been spoiled. Hope everyone has a great week ahead of them. No stress (repeat 10x)

Not the best no-work holiday but at least there wasn’t any work. I wake up and it’s so hot (only to find out it rained really really had in the afternoon which I slept through). Then my flash drive won’t work. It just conks out. And this really just sets the mood for the day just because I loved that flash drive and now I might have to buy a new one. It’s these little expenses that I want to avoid but oh well. And so holiday wasted-ish with me sleeping through it. Boo.
I’m glad I was able to catch a cab going home considering the rain was about to pour hard. I don’t like spending much on cabs but I’d choose spending >>> getting wet. Thus it frustrated me when the rain stops while I’m already in the taxi! Weather, don’t make me spend next time okay?! In equally lame news, I had to buy a new flash drive and ended up with a new mouse (cause the one at home is glitchy already). Bye bye money, but at least I have a flash drive again.
In even more banal news, my ball-tracker office mouse (circa 1700s) finally got upgraded to an optical mouse. I have to say it feels so very weird gliding my hand across my desk sans the effort. Now I’ll have to take up exercise cause I won’t be burning off extra calories trying to get ahold of my mouse. I also forgot my umbrella at home. I was praying so hard it wouldn’t rain and the heavens listened. Thank goodness. I don’t need to spend on an umbrella too.
I’m obviously not adept to wearing high heels. In a quest to look more work-y, I wore heels to work since I had a meeting in Rockwell. It wasn’t bad during the first part of the day, but on the way home, with the rush hour traffic and the waiting for a ride back, my feet just hurt. By the time I got home, I was so tired, I finally used the foot massager my dad bought (he loves foot massages) and it felt great. I fell asleep on the damn machine. Sneakers for Patty.
My brother went back to Singapore already and though we didn’t get to spend as much time during this visit, it was just good to have him around. To cheer myself up with his leaving, I had my much-postponed movie date with Kim in Trinoma. Letters to Juliet was all sorts of fun because of Kim and it was great to catch up since the last time we saw each other in February. I got home so exhausted though. I passed out right away.
Surprisingly, I actually choose to go out with my parents today. I was so tempted to stay at home but then I realized it’s not like I would be doing anything (and it would be probably be very very hot) so I came along. Perk of coming along? My dad bought me a book! I feel so spoiled. With Eclipse coming up, I’m gonna be spending quite a bit again so I’ll need to scrimp the next few weeks to recover. Oh well, once a year right? Also, it rained. Good times.
Lazy days are lazy and when you spend them all day in bed reading The Lost Symbol (I’m halfway through already and I just started in the afternoon), it’s definitely a great day. Because my dad didn’t want to get into the craziness of everyone celebrating Father’s day, we spent it at home, chilling -- which i one thing my dad loves to do anyway. Pizza for dinner and more reading for me. Definitely a great way to end the week.
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