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Rob & Kristen Do the Final Stretch

Too much pretty[Everglow Media]
Just because these kids do not stop bringing the pretty, Rob and Kristen go from their press conference to MTV Spoielrs to Much Music to The Today Show looking adorable and cute as always. Though awkward at times, it's understandable considering all this hysteria is new to them. Still, it's nice to see them do the rounds promoting the hell out of this film.

It doesn't hurt either that these two look damn gorgeous going around. Rob (and the sex hair) and Kristen (and her bed head) really do know how to work this boho chic look.

LA Press Conference

Playing with ones hair? I approve. Kristen looks gorgeous playing with her super lovely colored hair. I want my hair this shade.

Shirt and undershirt? So simple and yet on Rob, so freaking delectable. Boy knows how to work his assets to the fullest

MTV Spoilers

Could these kids get any cuter? My icon says it all. Matching hair.

The sneakers that have gone everywhere. What I love about these two is that they really just wear what they own.

Of course until designers start sending stuff like this DKNY leopard print wrap dress. Kristen looks uh-mazing in it. And her hair is love

Much Music

Nikki is there for Kristen but seeing Rachelle makes me miss her. Especially when she plays the name the cast-mate game with Rob backstage. I miss Victoria already

Chanel necklaces with a French Connection plaid mini dress. And of course, the trademark, uncombed mane. Kristen rocks this look.

Rob and the hair and the shirt and the suit and just looking oh so adorable complete with cute facial expressions. Kid just keeps working it

Together, unstoppable. Too much cuteness

The Today Show

I love how he makes sure she gets her jacket on before they head outside. Such a small gesture, but really sweet.

Best part about this? Kristen looks so good with her hair slicked back into a ponytail. See, a comb works too!

Jay Leno

Yes he looks he hasn't bathed but something tells me it was just Rob playing everyone. His hair will not stay that styled if there wasn't some product in it.

Ryan Seacrest

Beanie makes a comeback! Rob looks awfully jolly chatting with Seacrest.


Beanie and Rob make the best OTP as he visit TRL. I miss this show and I miss the beanie.

His facial expressions just kill me. He's always got some look on his face. Cute.

Tyra Banks

I do not approve of Tyra biting him but I thought he handled her craziness really really well. Good for him.

David Letterman

Awkward is awkward but Kristen I thought, was just adorable in it. You could tell she was nervous as hell and thank goodness, after more practice, she seems to get a hang of it.

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