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Rob Does the East; Kristen Covers the West

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Despite the meager budget, Summit made sure the word about Twilight got out. And you've got to give props to their PR and marketing for setting up the most crazy and yet effective press tour for a tiny movie that had a relatively young fanbase. Get the stars out on the road (any place you can think of) to meet them and they just might show up on opening day. And guess what? It worked.

Apple Store Fan Q&A

Rob looking adorable and answering inane questions from fans in Soho was just the beginning. Of course Hardwicke was there too. But let's just keep it on Rob? Y/Y?

Z100 With Elvis and Annabelle

The beanie. It starts appearing everywhere and before you know it, it's iconic to Rob already. Doesn't hurt that he looks adorable in it too.

Planet Hollywood

Armpit sweat stains? So what? The tie and beanie totally make up for it. It sure helps he looks totally cute making all those faces while imprinting his hand in cement.


Then there was that Hot Topic tour that really got the fans wild. Imagine X number of cities divided among the cast. What do you get? Mayhem.


Nothing like a white t-shirt and the sex hair to get the girls going. Rob looks like a little boy and yet you can tell he's got that mischief in his eye.

Just because one isn't enough. He looked too freaking delectable in Philadelphia to limit it to just one. So here's a bonus


Meanwhile, Kristen covered the West Coast with then BFF, Nikki. I miss her long, uncombed hair and just how simple and chic she looked in her skinny jeans and heels

Plus all those accessories. The multiple rings and heavy bracelets and her watch that she never took off. Sure, she wasn't one for style, but she looked comfortable and that's what matters


Staple black tank, skinny jeans and one pair of heels she loves. Throw in her Ray Bans and bed hair and you've got Kristen's uniform for the press tour. Who needed a stylist?


Last stop: Hollywood. A day after the premiere, no one thought Kristen would show up at the Hot Topic stop but she surprised fans in her Ralph Lauren jacket and Chanel pants. Yup, designer now. Moving on up.

The red hair and Chucks are all part of the charm and I do miss this look from her. I guess designers realized she's someone now and worth lending/sending clothes too. Still oldshcool!Kristen ♥
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