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Rob (and his dad) Keep Chivalry Alive on Late Night TV; Eclipse Press Tour Has Begun

A Kiss On the Hand?[Everglow Media]
Because of filming for Water for Elephants, Rob won't be able to join Taylor and Kristen on the European leg of the press tour and so, we get Rob on television instead. Not a bad deal at all. Especially when he's being extra charming and adorable on them.

With 12 days to go till Eclipse, we also got the press junket that will forever birth interviews till after the premiere. But before we go to the pretty, looks like we're getting a cop out on Breaking Dawn, despite it being TWO movies. Could they not fit this one hilarious scene in? Come on, Rosenberg.

Press Junket

This girl from Access Hollywood kind of annoys me, not just cause she keeps her 'tradition ' of touching Rob's hair but I don't know, I just don't feel her. It's good to see them both being a tad more comfortable though. + +

And the red background makes a reappearance. I actually really liked New Moon's white background but hey, I'm not the one planning this. Rob + white undershirts? Enough to counter the wonderful red background +

I've been really excited for how Kristen would dress for the press tour and so far, I'm liking what I'm seeing. Her Oscar de la Renta paillette embroidered lace dress and Christian Louboutin Cosmo 120 python metalic pumps are fabulous on her. Plus her hair is growing out just great. +

I love these photobooth sessions they did with the entire cast. I just wish the interviewer didn't stick herself with the trio. I wouldn't have minded a Rob/Taylor/Kristen one, but hey beggars can't be choosers.

TwiCon LA

After a grueling day of press interviews, the trio even headed to the LA TwiCon and sure, I don't think I heard half the questions thanks to the screams, but it's good to know they showed up for the fans. Good job, Summit. +

The Today Show

Is it just me or am I feeling a little awkward around Jenna Bush? It's probably just me, but whenever I see her, I think of her dad. Nevertheless, Rob was adorkable as always. He's really gotten the hang of this. +


Who knew these news shows could be more interesting than the entertainment/gossip ones? I really prefer these interviews to the ones he did with ET or Access Hollywood and the like. +

Jay Leno

Not even going to go to that Twitter/Emma Roberts fiasco because it takes away from absolutely adorable Rob was on the late night show. From the anecdotes about his dad and his mom to just being really playful and charming, it was such a great interview with him + + +

Jimmy Kimmel

I have yet to watch the actual interview, when it does finally air, but I love how Kimmel just went all out. I know this is all a ratings game, but it makes for such great fangirling when you see the entire cast together. Can't wait for this.

Kristen looked fabulous in her Herve Leger Fall 2010 RTW side laced bracket bandage dress and Brian Atwood wagner pump. I know body-con dresses have been around forever, but they look really good on her body and since the trend is finally over, at least she's not wearing it alongside everyone else.

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