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TV Time: The Doctor Score A Goal; Pretty Little Liars Is Set in the Same Place as Couer De Coeurs

With just Doctor Who and Pretty Little LIars left on my plate, I’m able to chill a bit and actually write my thoughts out a bit more. I’m thinking of cutting down on the recaps but we’ll see what happens next season. I feel like I say this all the time but never follow through. And we’re down to two last episodes of the good doctor (I’m gonna miss it so) and eight more from Pretty Little Liars. Watch those 8 episodes fly by.

Doctor Who 05x12: The Lodger

So there’s this mysterious upstairs neighbor to the Doctor’s new lodging and it’s mysteriously asking people for help. At the same time, the Doctor gets trapped outside of the Tardis and stays with humans Craig and the girl he likes Sophie. Amy’s stuck inside the Tardis trying to figure out what’s wrong and why time keeps repeating and we see the crack in the wall again.

It was so fun to watch the Doctor try interact with humans that aren’t his companions or related to them. I loved seeing the Doctor in just a towel (not for lewd reasons), seeing him cook and bring breakfast in bed and care for Craig. Seeing him sit down and have a drink in their living room and play soccer really really well (and wearing his blazer on top of his jersey) -- which I guess they timed with the World Cup. Nothing beats Van Gogh, but seeing the Doctor all human-like and just being adorable is love.

Pretty Little Liars 01x02: The Jenna Thing

Before anything else, I just have to say: OMG! It’s the PieHole! I can’t blame ABC for reusing sets, but the iconic pie diner of the Pie Maker in Pushing Daisies is too damn iconic in my mind that even if they’ve refurbished it for Pretty Litle Liars, it’s still the Pie Hole to me. Still, a good second episode for the summer show. In a nutshell: Spencer still feels this deep attraction to Nanny Carrie’s fiance (who I say looks like Matthew Goode’s younger brother) only to have him kiss her in her bedroom while flirting over art and Latin. This leads to fiance’s ousting from the house. You know Nanny Carrie’s the boss. He’s the cutest Brit/guy on this show and I hope that’s not the last we see of him.

Then we have another forbidden attraction between Mr. Fitz (who I also think looks like a younger brother of Rufus Humphrey except less grungy and more Mr. Van Der Woodsen the XIII) and Aria who just can’t keep her hands off her teacher even if she ‘tried’ doing the right thing by transferring classes only be to declined. I really like Piper Halliwell as her mom though it’s still odd for me. Aria (looks like a poor man’s Selena Gomez, but I’m just mean) doesn’t seem to care about the consequences of this illicit relationship with her teacher. And if the Tribunal from the fic, The University of Edward Masen were to be the judge, one of them would be out of the school by now. Also, please don’t cheat Aria’s dad.

Then we have Emily and her faux-lesbian tendencies with Catherine’s right hand woman who likes to cuddle in bed. Emily’s boyfriend seems kind of blah and from all the significant others, I like him least. Emily is a tad too emo for my liking, always reminiscing and crying. Too bad as I find her the prettiest. I find her mom’s willingness to let her daughter’s friend stay over right away. But I guess they’re just that nice in that neighborhood.

Finally, Hannah and her boyfriend Shawn seem to be battling it out over getting more physical while Hannah’s mom just can’t seem to shake off pervy detective from Popular. It’s nice to know it’s the boy who wants to wait. Especially with an aggressive girlfriend like Hannah. But something tels me this innocent boy isn’t quite innocent and could as well be playing her. But that’s just me.

What of this Jenna situation? I don’t think she’s sending those texts. It’s too obvious and too early on to point us towards the right suspect. But it successful made me want to check out next week’s episode if only to see where else in Couer D’Couer this show will choose to shoot. I miss Pushing Daisies for real.

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