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Twilight Mania Starts: Rob Does Mexico while Kristen Does Madrid

[Everglow Media]
And so the actual press tour begins. It's amazing to see how big these things get. From little signings in malls where Rob and Kristen actually show up to going abroad (Mexico and Madrid in this case) to spread the word, the marketing for Twilight is partly to thank for the mega success. And that's where Summit wins. We win cause we get more prettiness and they get ticket sales. Here's to more pretty press tours.

Kristen in Madrid

It still makes me pissed that Cam Gigandet is playing James when he could be Laurent and not get killed off so soon in the series

Adorable Kristen is adorable looking great in her black mini dress and looking all smiley in Madrid. Let the hysteria begin

Rob at the Sex Drive Premiere

I love how the Sex Drive premiere brings forth the mega famous sex-hair -- complete with sex-shirt and spattering of sex-chest hair. I need to watch this movie now.

Rob in Mexico

I don't think Rob could go to Mexico now and get the same treatment. Still, it must have been cool to see a preview of things to come with this series.

Hollywood Film Awards

Rob & Camilla! I wish Camilla were still with TomStu but alas, that's no longer the case. Still, it's always nice to see Rob hanging out with Camilla. Pretty people look good together.

I feel good for Rob getting recognition this 'early' in his career. I don't know how much he'll be taken as a 'serious' actor after this series so it's a good thing he's got some under his belt now.
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