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Nothing left to lose[23 Down/29 To Go!]
[+] The five day work week didn't seem as bad as I thought it would be -- this is a good thing. Perhaps it was because I was literally counting down to the long weekend I shall now enjoy (well one more day tomorrow, but that's still a day off!)

[+] And just because my siblings are awesome, I find this on my desktop. yes siblings, I know you were here. Also, in a rare moment of game-ness, we tried out my dad's old retro glasses and looked ridiculous.

[-] It's _lexizzle's last week in Manila this coming week and I feel bad cause this was the first that he's come home from Singapore that I wasn't able go out with him as much as I used to. When I was in college, I had a pretty free schedule so I would take him out everyday, now I barely see him. It sucks. Oh well, perhaps next time he comes around? Hope everyone's coming week is a good one!

Not a bad way to start the week. I felt productive without being stressed out and it didn’t rain while I was commuting. Those are already two great things. Add to that, MTV Movie Awards, I got to see the amazing episode of Doctor Who and got some awesome fic updates (The Cullen Campaign), This is Not My Life, Just Wait and Tips for Better Living). I wish this were an omen of good things to come this week.
There’s been an onslaught of fic updates and it’s making me very very happy. But it was also good to watch To Catch a Theif with my brother. Old school movies sure have their quirks. I got my tickets to watch Showtime on Sunday and though I’m not a fan of the show at all, my high school friends wanted to watch any show live and unfortunately that’s what I picked. Oh well, I’m sure we’ll enjoy the company and the new experience.
It always feels good to finish a Wednesday, especially when the day isn’t as bad as it could have gone. I went to a meeting with another department alone and it didn’t go so bad. I tried my best to speak up and give my input. It stll feels weird speaking up but I guess it’s about time I did. I’m still nervous I’m going to mess up. Plus it rained! I love it when it rains, but not to strong. I was able to get home not too wet and the weather just felt nice.
I apparently dress really horribly on a normal day. Because today, I decide to dress up a bit (I have the car at my disposal) and I swear it’s like I’m a whole different person. My boss tells me I should look like this every day (umm, no thanks, I can’t walk in heeled boots 5 days a week); and I’m in a shirt dress. People, yes, I can comb my hair, it’s not that big a deal. It felt good though, getting compliments. But also exhausting to walk around and be proper. I miss my sneakers.
You know when you’re itching to go home and then the work arrives in droves? That’s what happened today. It was a good thing I finished just in time for my dad to swing by for me because I was so lazy to commute and it was about to rain. I love how the rain is starting to come. I hope it continues to rain in the afternoon though. I prefer going home with rain rather than going to work with rain. It’s just so much better in the afternoon.
Happy Independence Day! And I spend my Saturday morning with Lee and her brother Don as we trekked to ABS-CBN to watch Showtime. For the reluctant studio audience (read: me), I had a pretty fun time though I wasn’t quite paying attention to the actual show and just enjoying the feel of being in the studio. Plus seeing Lee and Don (actual fans of the show) really enjoy themselves? Totally worth it. Too bad my other friends couldn’t make it.
We moved up our celebration of Father’s Day because next week, PB will be flying back to Singapore. We had a great Japanese lunch at Kimpura in Greenhills. I haven’t been to Greenhills in forever so I went scouting for the shades I wanted, but they weren’t available. Oh well, next time perhaps? I also bumped into officemates! Thank goodness for the long weekend, I won’t have to be at work till Tuesday. Good times all around.
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