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12 of 12: June 2010

[+] Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
[+] Post the pictures chronological order
[+] Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
[+] Have fun camwhoring!
[+] Taken from Chad at 12 of 12

6:12 am // my bedroom

I was reading Dawn of the Dreadfuls right before bed and it's a good thing I didn't dream about zombies dreadfuls (cause I'm a lady). It's been a really entertaining book and because this is the prequel, you know i wouldn't mind a sequel to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies at all.

06:15 am // my bedroom

I didn't realize I woke up pretty early. I had to be at ABS-CBN before 9 am, seeing as I had won tickets via the employee electronic raffle to the pre-noontime talent show, Showtime. I haven't even seen this show on TV, but hey free tickets are good. Plus having Lee and Don with me (actual fans of the show) made the experience so worth it. (and yes, that's the John Mayer ticket -- don't flake on us Mayer; and a ticket to a screening of Eclipse that my dad got for me. So sweet).

10:08 am // ABS-CBN Studio 2

Despite working in the same company, I've never actually seen a live show. Right before we entered the studio, they took a photo of us. I thought they were gonna print it and sell them to us. Instead, they played them on the HUGE ass screens right before the show. Embarrassing stuff. Also, the Showtime crew are the happiest, liveliest bunch ever.

11:57 am // ABS-CBN Studio 2

Right before the show, they ask us to put all our stuff down on the floor (there is my bag with an idiot board) and take note, we're SMACK IN FRONT, because they want to teach us those dance moves they do before the show. Oh deer. Still, despite my hesitation, you can't help but participate, they will literally force you. All fun though.

12:07 pm // ABS-CBN Studio 2

The cornerstone of the show, the crazy judge Vice Ganda (also on Facebook & Twitter), who really is just a big ball of humor and energy, performed Karma Chameleon after all five contestants were done. Apparently, even the judges get kicked out of the show. But not Vice. This is the back of Vice's sparkly Boy George-ish outfit.

12:40 pm // Quezon Avenue

These are my daily transportation to work. The jeepney gives my hair a windblown effect when I get to work and a smokey smell as well. But for Php 12.00 ($0.25), one cannot complain of the 'extra' amenities the jeepney gives.

01:04 pm // Commonwealth Supermarket

Despite the fact that there is a HUGE Shopwise on the other side of the road, I'm too lazy to enter the huge establishment and I know I'll just be tempted to buy more things/loiter around the wonderful air-conditioned grocery and so I buy my toiletries in the more basic supermarket along Commonwealth.

01:07 pm // Commonwealth Avenue overpass

I cross this overpass every day on my way home. This a view of the widest road in the Philippines (and it keeps getting wider, thanks politicians) on the way to Batasan and Fairview. Thus my frustration when it's still traffic in our area. How is it possible?! The roads are so damn wide.

03:31 pm // my room

Yes, if you still haven't heard, I've finally migrated all my mail to GMail and I'm sort of addicted to organizing and labeling everything. It's my obsessive compulsion's wet dream: organizing and making pretty labels for all my mail. I'm a dork.

05:03 pm // family room

I don't have a decent photo of a flag today and since it is Independence Day, I thought it would be nice to have one at least. So instead, I have a flag from the newspaper's front page. Happy Independence day, everyone!

08:41 pm // dining room

My mom's new refrigerator (I should take a photo of it next month) is so fantastic, it freezes our Mango Float. I know freezers should freeze food in general, but our old one was 20 years old and the past few years had us eating soggy ice cream. Pardon the excitement over this.

09:11 pm // parent's bedroom

So it's the World Cup and though my brothers are more basketball fans (watch the house go wild watching the NBA finals), apparently, having balls means they're fans of any sport involving balls.
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