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What a Surprise! Twilight Won Everything!

You Know MTV Loves Them[Everglow]
It's a good thing the world is ending in 2012. This way, I won't have to see the 5th installment of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn (part 2). Isn't one enough? Sure we get to see more Rob and Kristen and the cast doing the rounds, but that's the ONLY good thing and to think I'm the most uncritical fan.

BUT, TWO MOVIES?! Really Summit? Talk about cashing in on this while they can. This is obviously the ONLY reason they're doing this because Breaking Dawn CAN be 'compressed' into one movie. I see you making Summit more money, Melissa Rosenberg. Shame on you.

ANd 2012 was supposed to be the year I concentrated on the Olympics in London! How can I divide my attention?! I can only fangirl about one thing at a time. I know it has its perks. We get to see more of the cast, but really?! Summit, TWO MOVIES?!

The real reason I updated was of course, the 2010 MTV Twilight Movie Awards and surprise, surprise! The Twilight Saga: New Moon sweeps the show. With 18 days to go till Eclipse, they showed up in 2008, swept in 2009 and well, you know how 2010 went. You know who I wish was there to accept those awards? Chris Weitz. I wouldn't have minded one bit if he did a Hardwicke and hogged the mic. Except he didn't. I miss him already.

Red Carpet

I obviously approve of Zanessa's appearance and their kiss cam. See, it's not so hard?

AK looked so fresh and fun in her Zac Posen dress. Girl really knows how to work things

In a Dolce & Gabbana ensemble and Vicini heels, I thought she looked sleek and really pretty

Most importantly, she looked comfortable with what she was wearing and that's fab

Kristen (or her stylist) seem to really love the extensions. It works for me. She looks great.

Best Scared as Shit Performance

It was so nice to see Amanda win something. Girl looked adorable as always

Breakthrough Performance

Snaps for Anna! Lord know she really did deserve this award! Oscar award nominee and all

Best Male Performance

Surprise! Not. Thanking his parents for conceiving him was really cute and funny

The camera focused on them A LOT

Best Female Performance

Look at her, not dropping the award and not being too awkward. Big steps for Kristen

Entertained perhaps>

Best Kiss

So I knew they weren't going to kiss again so I wasn't expecting anything

Last year's was better though in a sense that it wasn't something we were expecting

Still, this year had it's share of cuteness with Rob really 'trying' to go in for the kill

Perhaps when they win for the FIFTH MOVIE, they'll finally give us a peck? Y/Y?

Best Movie

More than the fucking, i love how Peter just went up there and spoke for the family. I do wish Chris Weitz came though. I wouldn't mind HIM babbling at all

More on the new clip later but adorable trio is adorable

Hugs for Peter. And seatmates. I'm surprised Rob managed to get his leg off the chair

No words. Just so damn adorable.

She Has a Right To Know

Oh look! They're in the car. The wig looks much better when under a hood

Keep the hood on! Keep the hood on!

It's Someone We Know

I'm just really liking how the Cullens actually have 10x more lines than they ever did. This is promising.

Jacob Brings Bella Back

Something tells me Breaking Dawn 1 and 2 will have 10x more Wolf pack. I just have this strange feeling.
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