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Twilight Takes a Bite at the MTV VMAs 2008

Twilight Fever Is On[Everglow Media]
Apparently, there was controversy at the 2008 VMA's too when host Russel Brand interrupted Rob's spiel as they tried introducing Paramore. Reading back on it, I just laughed at how silly it all is. Sure, it's rude to interrupt but it's the MTV VMAs, everyone's impolite.

Plus leave it to MTV to hype and sensationalize their own program. As if it wasn't talked about enough? Then again, this is MTV we're talking about, so we should expect nothing less. Still, it's a good thing we got some Twilight kids. I swear MTV will put them anywhere, any time and make a buck when they can.

Kristen looks stunning in her mini dress and heels, but what I really love is her hair. I don't know how she can pull off the I-didn't-comb-my-hair and this-make-up-was-from yesterday but I look hot look. Stunning.

Sex hair at its finest. Rob looks positively disheveled with the mega open shirt and the skinny suit and of course, the patent, I-rolled-out-of-bed look

Yes Russel Brand interrupted Rob. IT's cool guys, it's MTV. Nothing right ever happens here anyway. We need to get used to this.

Backstage cuteness is cute. These two always look awkwardly comfortable around each other, it's hard not to just find them adorable.

Look, they still show up at after parties. Oh wow, these are the good old days. but look, Kristen still changed out of her heels. Still the same old girl.
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