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TV Time: Glee Piles On the Awwws; Eleven and Vincent Make Me Cry; Testing Out Pretty Little Liars

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And so another show is over and I'm left with Dr. Who. As if. Seems like I got curious with the show Pretty Little Liars thanks to maybe, famouslyso and stellarmoneca that I actually gave the ABC Family show a shot. I haven't read the book and don't think I will but despite the slow start, I think I'm too intrigued to not stick around for the next episode at least. Then again, I'm so easy to please.

Doctor Who 05x11: Vincent and the Doctor

well who wouldn’t tear up at that episode?! Seriously. it was made of all sorts of win. FIrst we got back in the past. Second, it’s got Billy Nighy. Third, we have Van Gogh! Fourth, we have the cuteness of the Doctor and Amy (though I still miss you Rory). Fifth, we get Van Gogh in the future/present.

But it also broke my heart how despite how things were changed, they were essentialy the same. I felt like it was a parallel theme to Amy not getting Rory back. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but perhaps the producers are trying to say, it all works out for the best. I’m just glad Van Gogh at least lived his last year of his life knowing he was worth something. Now let’s get back to working on getting ROry back. Yes?

Glee 01x22: Journey

Well was that saptastic or what? For some reason, I was hoping for more laughs but I guess we got our share of cheese and awww moments instead. I love that Vocal Adrenaline won and that Sue actually voted for New Directions. I'm glad they get another year too.

But for some reason, I just didn't love love love the episode. It lacked the humor and political incorrectness that I love about the show. We called almost every scene from Quinn's water breaking to Shelby getting the baby. Still, not bad for a first season obviously. I hope Ryan Murphy can keep it up though.

"Faithfully"/"Any Way You Want It" / "Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'" ©
I was expecting fireworks for their Regional performance
And these songs just didn't deliver for me.
Still, it was really nice seeing them all reach their goals

"Don't Stop Believin'" ©
I'm just glad Santana and Puck got parts as well.
It was definitely a nice throwback to the first episode
Though I was a bit underwhelmed with it all

"Bohemian Rhapsody" ©
This is why Vocal Adrenaline are champions. They bring it
I love how they paralleled it to Quinn's giving birth
Jesse on the piano. The intensity? Awesome

"To Sir, with Love" ©
Apt song is apt? I love how the writers always find the perfect song
There can only be so many times I can see Mr. Schu get all teary though
Couldn't take the talky bits in the beginning though.

"Over the Rainbow" ©
Puck on guitar is always win. And Mr. Schu is from Broadway for a reason
They pulled it off real well. I feel bad for the actors though.
I can only act all cutesy and touched for a few seconds.

Pretty Little Liars 01x01: Pilot

So we meet our four friends, Aria, Hannah, Spencer and Emily and of course their 'dead' friend Alison who's sending secret messages to them from the other side. Apparently, Aria's been making out with her teacher, Hannah's a thief, Spencer lust after Nanny Carrie's boyfriend and Emily could be quasi-lesbian. Except wait, isn't Alison dead?! Who could be sending these mysterious texts and messages?!

Though the acting, I admit was a little difficult to watch, I got hooked by all the grown ups on the show! We've got Hilary Swank's ex-husband and Piper Halliwell (Charmed) as Aria's parents; Sydney Andrew's (Melrose Place) as Hannah's mom who's shacking up with Josh Ford (Popular) to keep Hannah from prison or whatever and though not quite a grown-up, we have Katherine's maid, Emily as well, Emily's quasi-lesbian friend. BUT LET'S NOT FORGET, NANNY CARRIE!!! I didn't even watch a lot of One Tree Hill but the episodes I saw with her in it obviously stuck around.

You know what else though? The boys are kinda cute. The English teacher is pretty. Nanny Carrie's fiance is pretty too and I thought his Brit accent was fake but apparently he is Brit! So I'm not sure whether I'll be obsessively recapping the show but the ending kinda hooked me and I just wanna learn more (like how A disappeared/died; who's sending those damn messages; what the 'secret' with Jenna is etc.) Good job, ABC. You've gotten me hooked. And yes, Lauren, best opening credits indeed. From the song to how it feels like Six Feet Under except for the CW-nation.
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