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Twilight Mania Hits Comic Con

Deaf Already[Everglow Media]
Retroactively speaking, Comic Con 2008 was when the Twilight phenomenon started getting huge. Not just huge. Massive. Filling up an entire hall during a Comic Conference in San Diego for a book about sparkly vampires is a pretty big deal and I'm sure Rob, Kristen and the Twilight crew felt it for the first time.

From the moment they get on the stage, to the part where no one can get a word in thanks to the massive screaming and until they finally depart from the stage, they just won't stop screaming. and yelling. and just hollering for the cast and SMeyer.

And the cast is probably overwhelmed but I don't think it's settled with them that this isn't just a one-time thing. This will happen whether they're on the street alone, or on the red carpet with their fellow cast. It's just everywhere. Twilight Mania has officially begun whether any of them were ready or not.

Twilight is gonna be huge
We've seen predictions that the vamp-romance-novel adaptation 'Twilight' is gonna be the next 'Harry Potter,' but nothing prepared us for the hysteria that accompanied its Comic-Con panel, with the screams of teenage girls hitting decibels we never knew existed. Imagine a surprise performance by the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus -- featuring Jesus Christ resurrected -- and you might be close. [Moviefone]

"This is kind of the first time I've seen any of them," said Pattinson. "It baffles me. I can't hear anything. It's unbelievable." [Time Magazine]

Craziest Panel
Summit Entertainment (ie: Twilight-mania) -- One property a lot of us were keeping an eye on heading into Comic Con was Twilight. Sure, we knew the teen vamp novel had a huge Potter-like following online, but would those same fans crash Comic Con? Well ... talk about extra insanity! The Summit panel, which featured Twilight, Push and Knowing, was absolutely out of control, with teenage girls screaming and crying, while the rest of us looked around for someone like John Lennon to return from the dead. The fandom for this property is real and big, so now we have to wait to see if that audience can carry this flick a long way at the box office. Unfortunately, most folks who aren't familiar with the books think the film looks very ABC Family Movie of the Week-esque.

"Yeah, I get totally nervous," 'Twilight' star Kristen Stewart admitted to us backstage when asked if the rabid fan base can get overwhelming. "But they're like me, they're my age, so it's less daunting to come out and see a bunch of girls who are happy to see you. It's definitely crazy, but it's good." Stewart also assured that she lives "a fairly normal life. This is like five minutes of my life." [Moviefone]

And it's only just begun. If the stars of this movie weren't deaf after Comic Con, they'd have plenty opportunities to lose their hearing in the many more publicity tours they'd have to go through.
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