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Happy Twilight Tuesday

Twilight Time[Lion and Lamb Love]
Who knew MTV would be the bastion of all things Twilight? In this little retrospective back to when Rob and Kristen first stepped out onto the red carpet (with fan knowledge of their portraying Edward and Bella in Twilight), we see a whole different kind of red carpet experience.

Far less pictures to wade through. Fans are less rabid. MTV is less abusive and these kids seem to be a tad more relaxed (and appropriately dressed). Oh how funny how things can change and some things remain the same. Still, the matching Ray-bans and the witty banter between them was the first of many many many appearances we'd get from these two.

Boy did they not know what they were getting in to and neither did I.

Kristen looking chic in head to toe Gucci. Laid back and casual and just the way she likes it. So smiley too.

Rob obviously testing the waters goes for a very classy suit only to realize he prefers it when he doesn't dress up

Who knew they wouldn't be walking the red carpet together anymore after all the craziness? They sure didn't know back then
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