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This time is ours; If I could hold this moment in my hands, I'd stop the world from moving

inside a frozen memory of us[22 Down/30 To Go!]
[+] It’s amazing how so much can happen in a week and at the same time, feel like nothing really happened. I started my week in Baguio, spent the middle of the week in the office and ended it with my high school friends and some fic. All in all, a very productive week, I have to say. Don't I wish more weeks were like this?

[-] Because I was out of the office for 2 days this week, it felt like an ultra-short week at work (this is always a good thing). How I wish this were always the case. Alas, I face next week with a 'full' 5 days. I'm tired just thinking of it.

[+] And in totally silly news, I spent a good part of the week migrating to GMail just because those labels look so freaking pretty. So my anal self got around to organizing and going through old emails and it's funny what you find.

[+] Hope everyone has a great week ahead with minimal stress and lots of fun!

I share a hotel room with my parents and when they left me, sleeping, to bring my sister to the bus station, I totally did not wake up despite their incessant banging on the door. Oh well, thank goodness for the front desk. Lazy days are lazy and they get me stuck on the couch and able to finish Beautiful Creatures. Amazing book is amazing. I can't wait to read the next book. There is one, right?
I'm not used to leaving Baguio for Manila late in the day. We usually leave at 4am, but this time, we checked out at 10am and so we spent the whole day travelling back to Manila. It felt so good to be on break and in the cold too, but coming home to my laptop and catching up on my flist after days away. I am not excited about going back to work though. Damn, I need to slow down time before tomorrow.
First day back to work and I did not feel like going back at all. When my brother asked me yesterday whether i was going to work straightaway, I said I was. I now understand why I should have just stayed home. Still, productive is productive and my teammates seem to like the stuff I got them from Baguio. So much for not eating a lot though. I kept munching on stuff too the whole day. Oh well.
Because one cannot get enough of Prince of Persia, i caught it again last night with my family. Jake a second time around is still fabulous. It rained this morning though so I finally took the car out of the garage. I also put on heels for work. This is a rare occasion. If only I were richer, I'd drive to work every day and buy pretty clothes that I can wear since I won't commute. Perhaps one day when the salary is more.
I don’t know how I made it through the day when all I really wanted to do was go to Shangri-la for my Sex and the City 2 movie with my high school friends and our sleep over. Apparently, I am a responsible drunk. My first attempt at finishing a bottle of tequila (split three ways) had me cleaning up the table after drinking, and puking out the 10+ shots of tequila I had. I have to give it to Lee & Iza for not making fun of drunk!Patty more.
After waking up (hang-over free!) surprisingly early (we went to bed at 3am), Iz, Lee and I had breakfast delivered to Iza’s place and we ended up singing our hearts out to some karaoke -- it had the weirdest songs, so I opted t skip my usuals and belt out tunes and just laughed along with the girls. I’m not exactly Little Miss Social so this was a pretty good way to start my weekend. Now if only it were a bit longer.
Rain, rain and more rain. It’s a good thing we live near the church so that the trek in the rain wouldn’t be too long. At least the church wasn’t to hot because of the rain. My grandma came over we had lunch with her and my cousin Miguel who had slept over. But the best part about today? Reading The Cullen Campaign which famouslyso recommended. Fluff and easy to read and the banter is amazing. A+
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