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Reality Bites

It's been a long time since I've touched the computer, and in my opinion, it's a travesty. Whenever I want to touch it, someone's using the damn thing. All three damn things. Still, I'm very thankful that Pietro finally decided to vacate the one in my dad's room so that I can use it. Sure, I can't download in this one -- my dad hates anything that downloads because he's very paranoid to computers -- and I can't use Yahoo! Messenger either, but it's all good. As long as I can finally hear the sounds of my fingers flitting away on the keyboard.

congratulations 4D! You guys were amazing!

SabPag is finally over. We didn't win. Yeah, it hurt, and I did feel bad because I know how freaking hard we worked on it, but I Section D deserved it. They were definitely the best. It was so obvious from when they entered that they were there to win. Sure enough, they did.

What Section B didn't deserve though, was the very unprofessional announcement from the judges. One day, when we grow up and get invited to become judges in contest we probably think are childish and are a waste of time, always remember the day that judge announced the another winner during a very serious competition. A competition every section had worked their asses off just so they could present something worthy of Sir Sonny B. Santiago's poem.

Seriously. How can you even mention the wrong name? I know that everyone makes mistakes. But goodness, try not making one during this contest. The tension was so thick, you could cut through it with a chainsaw. Nevertheless, I'd like to say that the entire batch did a wonderful job. I watched every section and my jaw dropped each and every time. This should be equal to a freaking exam. We spent so much time and energy on it.

When I got home early that day, it felt good, but I also felt tired. I felt so tired that I dropped dead. And now, back to reality because on Monday, there won't be a SabPag practice to stay for. It will finally dawn on us that it's the last week of IW and I haven't finished a thing, that our write-ups are due -- but thanks to Reggie (I totally feel for you. That copycat doesn't know who she's messing with) I have a few more days to work on it -- first trimestral exams are a week away, and the ACET is so near.

It's back to reality.
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