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Kristen & Taylor Bring Eclipse to Sydney and Seoul

Sarangheyo Down Under[kstewartfans]
With a mere 24 Days till The Twilight Saga: Eclipse hits theaters, Kristen and Taylor were busy doing overseas press for the film. Alas, because Rob is filming Water for Elephants (and looking mighty fine), the trio is just a duo in this foreign promotional tour. I'm still holding out for some Rob, some time.

I'm not complaining with the amount of Kristen we'll get. Hopefully she'll mix things up and be as pretty (yet comfortable) as she can. Of course, her critics will always be around, but she'll be fine. And with that, the Eclipse press tour has begun. Hang on to your seats.


Well let it start then. +
I wanted another trailer but instead we get different types of tv spots which aren't so bad either. Still, I have yet to see the trailer on the big screen. hopefully next week, I get to see it before Letters to Juliet.

Something New

They're stronger
They're deadlier
There's something new to fear

See, baby steps. More Riley equals more fun. +


Riley Biers disappeared without a trace
On June 30, he'll return

I approve of the amount of Riley in this. In fact, all promos must have more Riley +

In Style: Blood Sisters

“I was a fan and I was honored that I got asked to be part of this whole phenomenon.” -- Dakota on the Twilight Saga

It's too bad Kristen wasn't in this shoot but I guess with both Elle UK and US and the Flaunt magazine, it's time for the other cast members to shine. Love the red and the gowns. Glamorous. Dakota looks so old. Then again, I know she isn't a little kid anymore.


“My privacy was invaded and it was a hard thing for me to go through. There are all these girls that look up to me, so hopefully they will take that and look at it and learn from me that things can get into the wrong people’s hands and they can use them to hurt you.” -- on being exposed

Does her hair grow out fast or what? I don't know how much of this is extensions but Ashley looked pretty cute on the cover of Seventeen magazine. She really is such an all-American girl and it's just nice to see her go places. I'm rooting for you kid.


It's too bad Rob didn't get to appear at the National Movie Awards but his acceptance speech on the set of Water for Elephants made up for his absence. I'm really really liking how he's looking as Jacob and I'm excited to finally read the book.

I know I'm not alone when I say I've watched this MTV Movie Awards promo at least a dozen times. Yes, Tom Cruise's Les Grosman is very very old but adding Rob in the mix and 'duhrt' make it really funny and just plain adorable. It would be interesting to see if Rob could pull off more comedy.

Luna Park, Sydney

First stop of the press tour was Luna Park in Sydney where Kristen and Taylor did some sight seeing in the marina and did some fun things before heading to their Fan Event. I love the splash of color her neon yellow Jenni Kayne skirt from the Spring 2010 collection gave which she matched with a grey Market Bridgette tee. And look, new hairstyle. I like that her hair's growing out so we see more diversity from her.

Thinking that it’s your whole life when it’s just your job is when it starts getting crazy. Suddenly you take everything personally and it starts actually deeply affecting you. But it’s a job. And we’re really lucky that it’s such a fun one, and that we don’t have to sit behind a desk all day, but at the same time it’s not our whole lives and it’s not all we are.
-- on staying sane in the midst of this phenomenon

Seoul Press Conference

Going more relaxed/dressed down for the Press Conference for the South Korean media, Kristen recycled her probably favorite shirt and Sergio Rossi ankle boots with a pleated skirt. I actually really like her skirt and though I wish she'd pulled back her hair, she looks stunning still.

I’ve done a bunch of movies before I did this one, and a few of them were in theatres and people know about them, but to be able to share, the coolest thing about the fame thing is to be able to share this on such a grand scale. This is something that I love so obviously I want other people to like it, it’s like the most satisfying thing to be a part of. -- on still being able to enjoy her fame

Seoul Fan Event

Kristen (or rather her stylist) pulled out the big guns for the fan event where she wore a gorgeous black Prabal Gurung Fall 2010 long sleeved mini shimmering dress with a wide leather belt and Jimmy Choo ‘Quiet’ black open-toe sandals. I know the verdict is split on her extended pony tail but I thought she looked stunning with her long hair (with this outfit) and her make up. Her legs look so long and just wow. I love it.

I've been obsessed with the Food Network. like obsessed, yeah. I think I am [a good cook]. I've been cooking a lot. -- on what she does her on down time

So that's the Asia/Pacific Down, next stop, the MTV Movie Awards (watch them haul the popcorns for New Moon), then the LA Press Junket, the European leg and we're back in time for the premiere in Los Angeles. I'm already exhausted for them.
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