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Jake Just Keeps On Smiling; Anne & Emma Pretty Up The Red Carpet; Zooey Ain't No Fool

[I Heart Jake]
After having watched Prince of Persia twice already, I still cannot seem to get enough of Jake. It's been quite a while since I fangirled over him and this movie is the perfect vehicle for me to get all giddy about him again. Though I am excited for his movie with Anne, I doubt he'll be promoting the heck out of that, the way he is with PoP. Enjoying it, while I can.


Anne looked really elegant in her black Lanvin gown when she attended the 2010 Drama Desk Awards at FH LaGuardia Concert Hall at NYC’s Lincoln Center. She looks really bombshell with the waves in her hair and the red lips and just gorgeous. I'm getting psyched to see how her movie with Jake turns out. But for now, I'll just enjoy the pretty.


With the upcoming release of the first installment of the HP series, it's exciting to see the HP Cast again, especially Emma. She looked amazing in her Karl Lagerfeld dress and Christian Louboutin shoes at the 2010 National Movie Awards at London’s Royal Festival Hall. I love her minidress and the way she just pulls off these things so effortlessly.


Vanessa's looking a little tired as she accompanied Zac to the Get Him To The Greek premiere at the Greek Theatre (how apt). The movie looks funny and it'll probably be something I catch on DVD, but it was great to see the lovebirds out again. Zac's looking handsome as always. I wonder why Vanessa looks really exhausted. Still, as always, they're adorable together.


The trailer for Morning Glory just got released and I'm really liking what I'm seeing so far. Other than Rachel being adorable in it, it's got Harrison Ford AND Diane Keaton and throw in some Patrick Wilson for good measure. Looks like it's going to be something I really enjoy. I want to see more from this one as well as the press they'll be doing. I miss Rachel already.


And look! Zooey's being awesome as always with M. Ward as they cover of Ricky Nelson's 1963 classic "Fools Rush In" for a Levi's Pioneer campaign. She sounds wonderful and I miss this girl so much. I wish she'd do a movie soon just so I can see her more often.


And finally, Jake did the round of talk shows and what not promoting Prince of Persia (which I loved). He even greeted a fan with a cake on her birthday (talk about lucky). Basically, he's being his adorkable self going around and telling the funniest stories. I need a sequel to this movie if only for the publicity.

Radio Disney: I have yet to listen to the audio of this but based on the facial expressions he's sporting, it looks like this was one hell of an interview.

eTalk: I'm not sure what this is either but I love how happy Jake looks walking onto this set and just making the most of his appearance. He just looks so happy to be there.

Good Morning America: For a morning show, Jake sure was peppy and he looked so dapper in his light blue suit. So easy on the eyes, so early in the morning +

Late Show David Letterman: His no-smiling-in-Russia story was hilarious. He's just really comfortable in that chair and it shows. He really enjoyed himself. ++

Live! With Regis & Kelly: I cannot imagine Maggie bossing him around to drink milk from a kitten's plate and act like a cat. This, I cannot imagine.+ +

Jimmy Kimmel Live: Talk of Ramona and his horrible pancakes makes me imagine a really adorable Uncle Jake. Also, Lego!Kimmel looks totally adorable beside Lego!Dastan ++

The Early Show: She shares the same name as his sister! Jake sure is good with the ladies. And yes Jake, you are a thinking woman's action hero (i appreciate that you wish all women did think) +

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: From their absurd song number beforehand, to their crazy chemistry, Jimmy makes it seem like he and Jake are just buddies drinking a beer. Adorable. +
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