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TV Time: Doctor Who Needs To Turn Back Time; Vocal Adrenaline Needs to Perform More

I'm down to two tv shows and it's funny that I was out of town when Doctor Who came out so I just watched it and let's just say, I hope they find a way to make things go ~back to normal. I don't care if the writers pull out the lulziest explanation. Meanwhile, Glee was one big ball of WUT. From the songs to the (non)plot, I'm hoping next week ends the season with a bang, cause this week just fizzled.

Doctor Who 05x10: Cold Blood

WHY RORY WHY?! I've grown to love him the most, though Eleven/Amy are adorable but Rory just added so much life and humor and such cuteness and they were an awesome trio and I know I'm not making any more sense right now but I'm still not over how Rory was just killed off. I'm hoping they work something out with the crack in time to bring him back because really, how will it go on without him? What sucks even more is that Amy can't even remember him anymore. He only lives on in the memory of the Doctor.

I wish they'd just killed off the family. It's mean and they're humans and the Doctor loves saving humans but I would have gladly given the father, mother and kid in exchange for Rory. Please writers, bring him back. I don't want to get depressed over this show.

Glee 01x21: Funk

Awkwardness all around. First off, I get how Will would think this is the best way to get back at Sue but we all know Sue wins in the end. Sure, Will went back to his roots and got Sue out of her funk. but wow, was he really about to kiss her?! Seriously?! I felt bad for Sue when she was at the point of loneliness wherein she'd consider Will as well. This was both disturbing and just seriously bugging me. Also, Teri quasi-hitting on Finn is also disturbing. Show, what is up with you this week?

I get that lots of folks hate Rachel but I felt really bad for her and how she got egged by Vocal Adrenaline on top of Jesse breaking her heart. I mean we all knew Jesse was evil to begin with but he did worm his way into my heart, I have to say, complete with his sort of guilt last week. Still, I don't know how New Directions is going to beat Vocal Adrenaline because yes, they've got the phunk, but VA has the polish and pizazz. If ND wins Regionals, it'll be an upset because right now, VA is on their way.

"Another One Bites the Dust"
This is why they're champions: polish and pizazz
They just bring it every single damn time.
I kinda want to see more from Vocal Adrenaline

"Tell Me Something Good"
Disturbing does not begin to describe this
From the ass shaking to the bend and snap
I know only one person enjoyed this: jamypye, I see you

I need a full version of this just because Puck + Finn
Plus rapping and just chilling with guitars is A+
Plus getting the employees to sing with them? Win

"It's a Man's Man's Man's World"
I'll give it to Quinn, because girl can sing and sing well
But, dancing pregnant women with very fake bellies?
Sort of disturbing but also entertaining. So flexible.

"Good Vibrations"
It's official we need more rapping and more Puck/Finn
And for the first time, I really enjoyed Mercedes's input in the song
Marky Mark is always a good choice

"Give Up the Funk"
Yes folks, you've got the funk but you're a long way from Regionals
I get that VA does not have this soul but they've got everything else
I also need more Brittany in my life
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