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Cure This Disease[21 Down/31 To Go!]
[+] I don't know how I made it through the work week considering all I was thinking off was my leave from work on Friday. My manager kept telling me I looked so giddy counting down the days. Despite being orphaned on a Wednesday, it flew by along with Thursday. I have never lived for a Friday so bad. Not a bad four day work week either. Definitely a reprieve from the weeks before and I'm hoping this week (and next week) is just like this one.

[+] I haven't stayed away from the computer for x many days but it felt really good to just be with my family and away from work and the Internet. Reading Beautiful Creatures and enjoying the Clark/Baguio weather felt soooo good.

[+] More on the vacation next time around, but really, much needed getaway. Refreshed, recharged considering how crazy the first five months of 2010 has been. Hope everyone has a great rest of the week.

Definitely a whole lot different from last week and I hope this is a sign of a less stressful week ahead. I was able to concentrate on one project and just give it my full concentration which is RARE nowadays. I got home early enough and had the best chocolate eclairs and iced cappucino for dessert that my little sister (and my brother sort of) made. I'm never going to fit into my bathing suit on Friday.
I got an unexpected IM from a guy I liked for a few weeks in high school (were in cotillion for my friend's debut). Nothing came out of it, and I realize that I never even wrote about it on my LJ (I have to check my diaries though) and it was weird but surprisingly easy. Just like before. He brought up seeing me a few years ago and I DO NOT REMEMBER it at all. How could I forget? I'm such a spaz.
I presented to a bunch of officemates sans preparation. I was nervous as always but I tried calming myself down and told myself I know this shit, just be cool. It didn't go so bad so that's an improvement. And I'm trying my best to not be so antsy about all the resignations. I can do this. I will weather this shit storm and come out calm and collected. I totally skipped on the Idol finale when I got home too. Borefest.
I could not wait to go home today. I was literally just counting down the hours till I could finally a) go watch Prince of Persia with my cousins and b) go home and get ready for my first vacation while working. it was also my boss's birthday so she treated us out to pizza and I am still stuffed from all that I ate. I will obviously look wonderful in my swimsuit tomorrow. Who cares, it's just my siblings.
I didn't go to bed anymore as I had to pick up my sister at 3:30 in the morning before taking a bus to Clark for the start of my summer getaway with the family. I slept through the bus ride and slept most of my day in Clark but I did make use of the private pool in our villa. It felt so good to be in the water. I haven't swam in ages (okay so a week?) but the heat in Manila is so bad, it definitely was a getaway.
I almost won our tradition of guessing the time we get to Baguio (it's a six hour drive or so). Still, seeing our hotel room was a good enough prize. My dad went all out. It felt so swanky, I wasn't used to it at all. I already camped out on the couch -- reading Beautiful Creatures and napping. In between our Korean lunch and Italian dinner, the cold Baguio weather sure made for great naps.
It was my sister's last day with us (she was flying back to Singapore), so we had our foot massage together which felt real good after our walk down Session Road and our trek to the market. I'm not much of a market person, I prefer staying in the hotel room and watching TV, but it was a good trip. Having a super scrumptious dinner for my parents anniversary was a great way to end the week too.
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