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Muse Insists that "Love Is Forever"; Kristen is Just a Girl According to Elle

[Kristen Stewart Fan]
We're down to almost a month left (34 days to go) till Eclipse and slowly, the teasers are trickling out. We got our TV spot, some better Photoshopped posters, and our first single's music video. As if that wasn't enough, new haircuts for Rob (hello filming for Water for Elephants!); Kristen Stewart on Elle UK looking too damn gorgeous (again) and more from Flaunt too. I'm so spoiled with all this and I love it.

Neutron Star Collission

Though I wasn't the biggest fan of the song on first listen, I have to give it to Muse for making it grow on me as I listen to it over and over. The video is pretty standard but I like the clips we got from it. It's things like these that make me excited for the movie.


Renee was never really focused on in the first few movies and though I doubt she's going to have a much bigger role in this one, it's good to see her (and some Florida sun) in the tv spot that we got this week. Nothing new really but at least we got something.


It's wonderful to see Anna out and about again and this time we saw her at both A Night of Fashion and Technology with LG Mobile and at the two year anniversary of STK-LA. Both times, our girl looked so relaxed and just so pretty as she worked the red carpet. I need more of Anna. More movies please?


Meanwhile not-so-bb!Dakota was working on her fitness when she attended the 11th Annual 5K Mattel Children Hospital UCLA Benefit. I'm not sure if she did some actual running in the 5K, but it's official: Dakota + Bear mascot is all sorts of adorable. She needs to get out more often as well.

Elle UK

This magazine sure knows how to tease. Giving us a teaser photo a few weeks back, they didn't disappoint with the rest of the photoshoot. I'm hoping her first Elle cover brings us more outtakes as well as this one. I love the look they gave her. It's girly without trying too hard. She knows how to work those feminine wiles. Y/Y?

What you don't see are the cameras shoved in my face
and the bizarre, intrusive questions being asked.
A lot of the time I can't handle it. It's fucked.

It really bothers me when people write nasty shit about me
and the perception is that I don't give a fuck.
It could not be further from the truth.

More Flaunt

And because patience is a virtue, photographer Yu Tsai decided this was the week to grace us with a bunch of outtakes (nothing beat's Rob's Vanity Fair 2009 tied with Harper's Bazaar December 2009 as the photoshoots that kept on giving) that showcase an adorable Kristen being all kinds of adorable with the multiple expressions.

If I can go to work everyday and not have to be followed around
by fucking fifteen gangsters trying to take my picture,
willing to do anything for one... it's normal

If fame is the optimum, ultimate position, you could ever imagine yourself in,
then you would just be the luckiest person in the world.
So anything could happen to them and you shouldn't care.
Why would you care, or feel bad about a famous person? They're famous!
I really appreciate everything in my life,
but that's not why I started acting.

I guess people just want you to be so over the moon
for the position that you're in that you have no principles,
you have no sense of the world around you,
and you're living in a celebrity fantasy land.
Is that what they want?

I get defensive and that has probably
perpetuated people's idea of me never smiling.
I kind of shake my leg too, so people think I'm always uncomfortable.
I understand why people think I'm such a negative Nancy.
I can't pretend.

And to sweeten the pot, he threw in a behind-the-scenes video with a really adorable Kristen in it. Awesome photoshoots are awesome. This guy needs to photograph her more often.
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