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Am I Losing My Mind? Reverse Libido; But You're Not Gonna Find Me and You

And my thoughts are strange[20 Down/32 To Go!]
[-] Longest week of work EVER. It's not even funny how many meetings and presentations I had to make; how much coordination I did and the many 'late' nights I spent in the office. I'm hoping next week is less hectic and stressful cause I don't know if I could do it two weeks in a row anymore.

[-] There's also a pretty huge exodus of people from the office. Resignations are happening left and right and it's getting me antsy. Not that I even want to resign, but there's always that nagging thought of 'what else is out there?' I'm trying to stay away from the negative so positive thoughts please.

[+] I never understood why jamypye loved it when our younger siblings were on summer break. This is the first time I get it. The house is much livelier (people aren't stressed); the traffic is so much better; and my siblings are just in good moods. I'm gonna miss this.

Mondays aren't usually so bad but today was an exception. So much for wanting a not-so-stressful week when this one opens up with lots of projects (read: 4 at the same time) and just no time to breathe. I felt so frustrated that I thought I'd drop by the mall to meet up with my family to have dinner. In the middle of Topman, while my brother is trying clothes on, I just can't help it, I start tearing up (don't worry, this is a sign of frustration) and it just irks me. I hate starting the week wrong.
Hoping today would be better (after an early night's rest the night before), I wake up hoping for a good day. The morning goes by so fast, I'm in meetings till the after lunch and again, no time to breathe. Wow. I just want a steady schedule. And when everyone around you is stressed as well, you can't help but mirror and bounce off each other's vibes. Let me just say the vibes in the office were not very positive today. I just kept telling myself, there's more to life than this. Repeat 10 times.
Definitely a less stressful day though it brought with it, its share of the usual dramz. I swear, I just want to do my work and not deal with dramarama. Oh well. My stomach was acting up today (perhaps because of nervousness and the amount of food I consumed). It was my teammate's last day so we had a lunch out and ate some really delicious cake. It's weird cause so many people are leaving. I wonder if I should be looking at other opportunities as well. I know it's only been 8 months but it's really gotten me thinking.
Waiting. I did a lot of waiting for meetings to happen today. Despite not being the one presenting, I felt so nervous for the two project presentations I had today. My stomach was shaking and I don't know how I got through my lunch without throwing it up. Still, the presentations went smooth enough and I'm hoping we get good feedback. I'm dreading tomorrow just because I'll be in meetings the whole day when all I want to do is crawl into bed and live my weekend already. Where are you Friday?
I didn't think I would ever get to Friday but I finally did. With three meetings in one day, I barely got to sit in my office chair and was just really tired from all the notes I was taking and all the work I'll have to do next week coming from those meetings. Exhausted doesn't cut it. Thank goodness for some Bones though. It was a good way to end my week though I'm missing Vampire Diaries already. I do not want another week like this. Perhaps a less stressful one next week? Y/Y?
Hot hot hot day. I don't know how I got through it but it was such a nice reprieve to get out of the house (even if it was just for dinner) at Trinoma. Even the mall was kind of hot and sticky, perhaps because of the amount of people in the mall too. I finally finished My Life in France and it definitely made me want to sample French food. I doubt I'd be able to make some, but reading about Julia Child making them makes me want to eat some. I wish I could cook.
We celebrated my uncle's birthday in their place and spent a good portion of the afternoon watching Chinese tv shows (sans subtitles) and watching this Singaporean film, Homerun. It was so much fun just hanging out with the extended family in their airconditioned condominium unit cause I'm sure it would have been excruciatingly hot if we were at home. We did nothing but eat eat and eat some more. I feel so stuffed. Why do we never learn?!
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