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Jake Brings Prince of Persia Worldwide; R-Bils and Camilla Take it to Cannes

My Other Prince[I Heart Jake]
I'm exhausted from the amount of promotion Jake did for Prince of Persia which finally comes out next week. Looks like I'll be in line on opening night (I could care less if I had no one to go with). But thing is, it wasn't Jake that was out these past few weeks, it seems like EVERYONE was doing something.

Zanessa, Natalie, Jen and Harry were out and about. Camilla paraded around Cannes looking spectacular, R-Bils followed suit to the South of France while Amanda promoted the heck out of her movie in Italy. Busy.


I don't know how long these two have been together but I wish Zanessa to stay together even longer. They're always so cute together and the Nylon Party was no exception. Look at them just be and not care about what others are saying. Plus with all the controversy they've been through, it warms my heart that they're still together.


Natalie attended the 2010 New York City Ballet Spring Gala and was just stunning in her orange Lanvin dress. Natalie is just flawless and she pulls off this look so very well. I wish to see more of her out and about just because.


I haven't been seeing a lot of Jen either so when she came out on The Today Show promoting the charity Save the Children, it was just great to see her. Leave it to Jen to bring her smiley face and look awesome in just a white shirt. I need more of this girl and her cheery disposition


I'm not familiar with how royals go through schooling so seeing Harry graduate from the Operational Training Phase of the Army Air Corps pilots' course surprised me. Though I'm not too keen with the presence of the girlfriend, the smile on Harry's face as his dad awards him his medals is just priceless. I wish his mom had been here to see him graduate.


I don't think Camilla has a legitimate reason to be at the Cannes Film Festival other than to look pretty and for that, she does it really well. Wearing Gucci all the way, she looked stunning at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival: “Il Gattopardo” Premiere in her midnight blue Gucci Première one shoulder gown with embroidered wrap around detail. Girl is a great brand ambassador.

I don't think Camilla has worked with Martin Scorcese either but it was great to see her at the Gucci Party honoring Scorsese. I wouldn't mind if she worked with him in the future either. Of course, Camilla was in an off the shoulder Gucci dress encrusted with gunmetal Swarovski stones, beads and sequins. Watch her work it.

It feels like yesterday that Rob was at the amfAR’s Cinema Against AIDS Gala and now a year later, Camilla graces the event in, of course, a strapless black Gucci Première gown with a sheer panel on bodice. Looks like Gucci made the right call in dressing her up because she just plays the part so well.


Also at the amfAR’s Cinema Against AIDS Gala, is the ever bubbly R-Bils looking pretty in her Chanel Couture Fall 2009 navy dress. She didn't have fiance Hayden with her on this trip but she made the rounds of Cannes too.

Oh to be in Cannes this time of the year. Rachel looked so cute in her vintage tuxedo-like top attending the Art of Elysium Paradis Dinner and Party on a yacht. I can already hear Samberg and company yelling, "I'm on a Boat" at the top of their lungs. I wouldn't mind having Ryan Gosling's arm around me either.

I don't think she's part of the movie but she seems to be at the events promoting it and I don't mind at all. Rachel looked cute in her Isabel Murant leopard print dress for the after party of Blue Valentine. Perhaps next year, she'll be at Cannes promoting one of her movies.

Before traipsing off to Cannes, Rachel showed up at the Philip Lim 3.1 Mens Fall Preview, in of course a Phili Lim ensemble . Perhaps she was scouting out clothes for Hayden? I'd probably raid the Philip Lim store if I had money. R-Bils always looks amazing in his clothes.


I still have to watch Letters to Juliet but Amanda was looking fresh-faced and gorgeous as ever doing her promotional tour for it in Italy. I look horrible with my hair slicked back in a ponytail and wish I could pull off this look without looking too round. Amanda as always, is adorable.

Seeing as they shot this film in Italy, it was just right that they'd promote it there too. Wearing a gorgeous red Prabal Gurung Fall 2010 mini dress to the Italian premiere, Amanda looked so beautiful with her huge smile and hair smoothed back. I love how she can wear really pretty dresses and look so comfortable in them. Gorgeous.

I don't know many damn brush strokes it would take for my hair to look that silky but Amanda's mane is definitely her crowning glory when she appears on The Early Show still to promote her movie. I don't think my hair has ever or will ever look that shiny and silky no matter how many time I comb it. It's unreal.

Finally at the LA Premiere for the movie, Amanda got all dolled up in a blue RM by Roland Mouret ‘Morgan’ dress. I love the color of this dress and the braid in her hair and just how perky and happy she looks to be there. Please come out here already? I need to see this movie.


With Prince of Persia coming out, Jake did the rounds and not just in the US, but across Europe and he looked mighty fine each and every time. My favorite bit about his whole red carpet extravaganza was how smiley he was (while being handsome as always) with Gemma Aterton. I know this is all for the cameras, but goodness, they're adorable. Looks like a lot of fun.

Live with Jonathan Ross: I haven't seen the actual show but from the caps it looks like he had a fantastic time. That smile kills me. What are they cooking?

London Hotel Photo Call: It's those old blue eyes that slay me. I wonder how the junket went for this. I'm gonna go scrounge around for more videos.

London Press Conference: Three of my favorite things: Jake + Suits + London. I'm really really loving how dapper he's looking in these GQ-esque shots. Need more.

London Premiere: Let the smiley faces begin. I swear he and Gemma Aterton looked like they were having TONS OF FUN in every red carpet and London was no exception. Cuteness.

London Premiere After Party: I didn't see any photos of him with Gemma but his solo ones have him laughing up a storm as well. Looks like they really had a blast.

Moscow Photocall: And then they were off to Russia! Where somehow Jake's smile does not diminish in the least. Gemma's looking so pretty as always and together, mega smiles up ahead.

Moscow Press Conference: Though I probably won't understand how the press con is actually going, by the looks of it, it seems like Jake has managed to get everyone laughing as always.

Moscow Premiere: And so of course, they had to bring the cheer to the premiere as well. I would kill to know what he's whispering to make Gemma laugh so hard. Or heck, be the one he's whispering to!

Jerry Bruckheimer's Hand Printing: Look at Jake front and center at this event. And with Tom Cruise too. It's crazy how he's now part of this list of stars that's worked with Bruckheimer.

Los Angeles Premiere: Finally, Jake got to take his movie to his hometown in Los Angeles. Rounding out the movie tour with lots of smiles, it's so good to see Jake out and about again.

Los Angeles Premiere After Party: When you pose with Ghandi Sir Ben Kingsley, you sort of know you've made it. It doesn't hurt that Tom Cruise dropped by either.
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