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TV Time: Booth, Please Don't Be A Hero; Naomi, Please Fight Him; Gossip Girl, Please Get Better

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Saying goodbye to three shows this week wasn't as hard as I thought. All of them weren't as spectacular as I hoped they would be. Especially Bones. The thing is, I wasn't expecting ANYTHING from Gossip Girl so it's hard to get disappointed. 90210 was pretty good. Bones on the other hand? Well, it felt like a cop out but at least we're moving forward -- literally.

Doctor Who 05x08: Amy's Choice

I really do like Rory. He's so unassuming and adorable and yet totally not useless when you think about it. Though I ship Amy/Eleven, he's a really nice guy and because we know nothing can ever happen with the Doctor, it warms my heart to know that Amy will have Rory when everything is said and done, and this episode just shows that they do have a connection, a really great relationship even if Amy's off gallivanting with the Doctor.

The parallel universes with the Dream Lord were pretty funny. The first few times, they'd fall asleep and wake up in the dream/reality state, it was hilarious, but then I felt bad for them when they wanted to get out of the dream world and couldn't, cause they kept falling asleep. It was so good to see the Doctor and Rory team up and even cuter to see Amy all round and pregnant and just glowing. In the end, I'm glad that she still chose Rory. She and the Doctor are adorable, but Rory is love as well.

Chuck 03x17: Chuck Versus the Living Dead

WILL NO ONE CLUE ELLIE IN?! I swear this girl is getting into SO MUCH TROUBLE because no one bothered to tell her what's going on. Now Casey's out cold, Mr. Bartowski could be in danger and Chuck is lying left and right. I feel so bad cause now Ellie's literally dragged into this and Awesome is clueless and I'd hate for either Ellie or Awesome to get harmed by all this spy business.

And though I'm glad that Chuck's dad will be able to create the Governor to help keep Chuck sane against the Intersect 2.0, it scares me how Shaw is quite possibly alive and downloading the intersect as well. Though we found it hilarious how they never showed Shaw's face this episode (oh stand-in/double to Brandon Routh, you got lots of exposure). I'm glad Sarah didn't make too big a deal out of the Chuck lying bit. I honestly thought she was going to throw a bitch fit. Here's some Chuck/Sarah to add some love.

Gossip Girl 03x22: Last Tango, Then Paris

Wow. Utter Craziness. I get that they're getting into their fourth season and will need to 'shake things up' but completely breaking up ALL THE COUPLES on this show just didn't seem like the right answer for me. ANd boy, did they pull out all the stops. So there's: 1) Nate/Serena breaking up; 2) Nate/Jenny having a sleep over; 3) Dan/Serena kiss; 4) Jenny spreading the Dan/Serena kiss; 5) Jenny being shot down by Blair; 6) Jenny sleeping with Chuck; 7) Chuck losing faith that Blair will come; 8) Chuck getting Blair back; 9) Chuck planning to propose to Blair; 9) Dan punching Chuck after finding out; 10) Blair vowing to never get back with Chuck; 11) Blair running off to Paris again; 12) Dorota giving birth; 13) oh and did I mention Dan impregnating Georgina?! 14) But best of all. Chuck gets shot by muggers in Amsterdam.

SERIOUSLY, Show. ONE 'SHOCKER' is enough. You didn't need all of that. I'm sad Nate/Serena broke up. I really did like them. I'm glad Nate/Dan sort of rekindled their bromance though. I'm sad that Chuck slept with Jenny. I get that he was sad and so was Jenny but really?! I guess it's a long time coming since he tried raping her in season 1. I'm sad that they're bringing a Georgina-pregnancy in. It feels soooooo out of it already. AND THEY SHOT CHUCK. Really now. I do not know if I'm going to be around for season 4. Perhaps to see how they ~resurrect Chuck. The level of absurdity on this show is so unreal. And yet, I keep coming back. Damn you Josh Schwartz.

90210 02x22: Confessions

Well this show decided to go the shocker route as well but for some reason, it wasn't as crazy as it's CW-sister, GG. So we get evil!teacher actually harassing Naomi after being dumped by Liam then off to be friends with Annie which depresses Jasper he burns down the boat. The Teddy/Silver, will-we-won't-we get back together. Then there's Navid taking back Adrianna which makes Javier sort of jealous and asks her to go on tour with him. Then there's the on-the-brink-of-divorce Wilson folks and the Dixon/Ivy-I-could-care-less storyline. And another pregnancy on the CW! Of the evil!Jen by Mr. Schu! What's up with the evil girls getting preggers by the 'nice guys'?

So yes, also on the preposterous side but for some reason, so much more easier to stomach. I kinda feel bad a) for Naomi: sure she deserved the loneliness but I don't think she deserved the harassment from actually evil!teacher. Now no one will believe her. b) the Wilsons: they just can't catch any breaks. How could this happen?! c) for Annie cause now that Naomi's on the warpath after what's happened to her, she won't be safe. At all. New drama. I gotta say, I'm really interested in seeing next season. This should be good. Over-all a great season for 90210.

Glee 01x19: Dream On

Artie has always been a cutie. I like his relationship with Tina cause they're always very moral without being too preachy and without being annoying. Plus the fact that his flash mob dance off happened in a mall that had a Jollibee (hello there Filipino fastfood), it endears me even more to him. His earnestness in wishing he could walk and dance was just too sweet. I'm glad he got his dream (albeit in dream sequence).

We need more NPH. ALL THE TIME. Seriously. Their guest stars on this show are just too too good. His split second interaction with Sue was brilliant. His show-tunes rehab group was amazing. His jean jackets and box full of sheet music was just win. He needs to keep guest starring though I don't think it's happening. It was weird not seeing him all suit-ed up but he was just as fabulous.

AND OF COURSE IDINA MENZEL is Rachel Berry's mom. So obviously Jesse is only on a plot to get Rachel to her mom (while destroying New Directions in the process) so i'm excited to see how shit hits the fan next week when Jesse returns to Vocal Adrenaline. I'm glad he admitted to liking her a bit, but come on right? We know their dramatics are definitely going to get in the way of hearing each other out.

DayDream Believer
Flashbacks are the best
The look on Schuster's face adoring NPH is brilliant
And NPH's sweater and haircut just win everything

Piano Man
Just a couple of straight guys singing show tunes in a bar
I swear these two are the best bromance ever.
They need to keep hanging out and singing of course

Dream On
I was waiting for that last note to come and when it did, it was amazing
They're such theater boys and just seeing them rock out was fun
We need more Aerosmith songs from these two

The Safety Dance
Flashmobs + Jollibee = WIN obviously
Artie got his dream even if only within a dream (So Britney)
I wish the therapies actually work

I Dreamed a Dream
WHAT A PERFORMANCE. mom and daughter love.
I got shivers listening to them. There's something about the Wicked girls
Rachel really is a star. She just shines along with them.

Dream a Little Dream of Me
I loved this despite it not being Artie and Tina because...
the Changsterrrrr!!! God, he can dance and dance and be awesome
Plus Artie sounds so earnest in it, I can't help but melt.

Bones 05x22: The Beginning in the End

Oh Bones. As much as I enjoyed the side stories of Hodgins/Angela, Daisy/Sweets, I was hoping for so much more with Brennan/Booth. Yes, they already reached the summit of epicness with the 100th episode but I was hoping for more in the finale. Sure, we see that we'll be flashforwarding to the future in season 6, but let's just hope that time isn't the only thing that flies by that quickly. I want their relationships to change as well. Their year apart should make them realize how good they would be together. How much they missed one another.

I mean come on Hart Hanson. Not even a hug? I'm not asking for a kiss anymore, just a hug and we get a hand squeeze. I'm all for UST but this is ridiculous. The case felt so normal, it didn't feel like a finale and I just wanted SOMETHING/ANYTHING to happen to Booth/Brennan that wasn't sooooooo normal or whatever. Yes, it's a game changer and yes things will be different next season but not how I would close out a season. Oh well.

American Idol 9 Top 3: (2 Songs)

And in yet another bore-fest of an episode, I seriously don't know how this show managed to get ratings this season because it's been so blah. Usually at this point, one or MORE of the songs are in contention to be my addiction of the month but honestly after listening to their performances, I don't even bother to find the studio recordings, much more listen to them over and over.

That being said, it was obvious we'd have a Lee-Crystal finale. I feel bad for Casey cause to be honest, I wasn't loving either of her performances. I gave round 1 to Casey's performance of a song I didn't even know and round 2 to Lee who did Hallelujah pretty well. Still, this will be the finale I just won't care about. What a fitting ending to a season I barely didn't watch.


Top EW Pamy Patty Aisha Yuan Sara Nikki Results
12 Katie Paige Tim Paige Paige Paige Katie Lacey
11 Paige Lacey Katie Lacey Tim Lacey Tim Paige
10 Aaron Aaron Paige Katie Aaron Aaron Aaron Didi
9 Lacey Katie Lacey Tim Lacey Tim Paige Andrew
8 Andrew Andrew Michael Aaron Katie Katie Lacey Katie
7 Tim Michael Lee Lee Andrew Didi Andrew Tim
6 Casey Tim Casey Siobhan Casey Michael Michael Siobhan
5 Didi Lee Aaron Crystal Didi Lee Siobhan Aaron
4 Michael Casey Andrew Didi Michael Siobhan Lee Michael
3 Lee Didi Siobhan Casey Lee Andrew Casey Casey
2 Siobhan Siobhan Didi Andrew Crystal Casey Didi
1 Crystal Crystal Crystal Michael Siobhan Crystal Crystal

Poll #1567408 AI9: Top 3 (Artist's & Judges's Choice)

Who were your favorites?

Casey James - "OK, It's Alright with Me"
Crystal Bowersox - "Come to My Window"
Lee DeWyze - Simple Man"
Casey James - "Daughters"
Crystal Bowersox - "Maybe I'm Amazed"
Lee DeWyze - "Hallelujah"

Who should have been eliminated

Casey James
Crystal Bowersox
Lee DeWyze

Over-all, the Top 3 were

Very Good
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