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How's about spendin half a day underneath a tree losin leaves? Who knows if they'll grow back again?

Say you will[19 Down/33 To Go!]
[-] The first automated Presidential elections happened Monday and though the count has been much much quicker than elections past, I'm getting antsy to see the results. Here's to a hopefully less corrupt, more peaceful Philippine government in the next six years. Lord knows we need it.

[-] Work has been pretty tough this week. I'm 8 months in to my job and though still new, I feel like I've reached the point where I know what to expect. Though I got good feedback from one of the projects, it's been generally not a fabulous week for me. I hope the next few weeks are better.

[+] It's not all bad though! I caught The Last Song with my good friend Lee; had dinner and swam with my college girls and saw Robin Hood with my family. Look at me being all social! So shocking. Wishing everyone a fun-filled/stress-free week ahead!

Three hours in line makes you not want to vote ever again. It was so hot and people don't know how to line up. It's a good thing the people in front and behind me didn't let people cut the line. I hope next time the line isn't as long and it won't be as hot. I wish. Best part of the day? The Buy-One-Take-One promo from Subway. Even if I did get the take-one to my non-voting brother's buy one. My other brother was a poll watcher and he was there the whole day. Go him. So noble.
Lee and I planned on watching The Last Song on Friday but I lucked out and got free premiere night tickets to it so we ended up at Podium. Lee is one of my OLDEST friends (since kindergarten) and it's always such a blast to hang out with her. We had (cheap) dinner and just talked and talked and talked some more. She's probably one of the few people I really trust with things so it felt good to unburden even if it was about things circa high school. I had a blast.
I get that I'm the youngest in my team but it irks me how Marshall McLuhan shall forever be right. The medium is the message. I could be spouting off the same thing as someone with more clout than me, but in the end, because I am but a lowly employee, whatever I say will still hold less value than if it comes from someone levels above my pay grade. I get that perhaps I need to explain myself better but there really isn't a point when the one you're talking to just won't listen.
Of all the days to wake up late, I did on the day I had to be at work early cause we had a seminar outside. Boo. Thank goodness for cab fare and light traffic. Despite the hectic and long day, it felt soooooooo good to see my college friends again. We swam and had dinner at Anna's new place and it just felt really really good to see them again. It's funny cause we saw each other last during December and time just flew by like that. Here's to me feeling less lazy to go out with friends in the future.
I always get really nervous before presentations so it was weird that I was so on edge before my meeting this morning -- and I wasn't even the one presenting. I'm just managing the project. I've been having more of my psycho-somatic dyspnea lately so my dad said I should go back to the doctor. I honestly think I'm fine but I guess it wouldn't hurt to check if it's being caused by something else other than my anxiety. I want the weekend to be longer this week. Boo work on Sunday.
I am such an oldie. After having dinner with my family, we catch the 10:30pm screening of Robin Hood and I'm mega sleepy. It's 10:30 and I want to be at home. Wow, I do not sound like a 23 year old at all. The movie was pretty good. I hadn't been to that mall in ages and it was good to go around. I'm glad I didn't shop though I was tempted to. I also saw a guy I met through work who I thought was cute. Too bad he was with a girl. There goes that cute guy.
I had to go to work and I wasn't exactly looking forward to it, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I only spent a half day at work and I still got home with time to watch Dr. Who. But as always, the heat was unbearable that I fell asleep just to pass hours by without consciously suffering. I don't want to go to work just yet tomorrow, but it's Monday again. I'm so counting down till I get to go to Baguio with my family at the end of the month. The 28th cannot come any sooner.

Sometimes I wish I was much more easy to scare
Reading testimonials from the past, cause I can

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