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TV Time: Founder's Day Brings Out the Fireworks; Rory Tags Along the Tardis; Glee Needs More Sue

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And so we close the season of The Vampire Diaries (the show I hesitated watching just because). I'm glad I caught up though, because it's been one of the most entertaining shows this season and I'm glad we're getting more of it next time around because Kevin Williamson sure knows how to pull a cliffhanger and leave everyone saying WTF -- in a very good way.

Doctor Who 05x06: Vampires of Venice

As much as I love the time travel to the future, I have to say I really enjoy when they travel to the past as well. And Venice in the 1580s is not a bad place to be. But of course, we don't just get vampires! That's not Dr. Who at all. We get space fish aliens pretending to be humans who sort of are like vampires! Now I feel like I'm watching Dr. Who again. I feel bad for Isabel's dad and Isabel herself. So much for getting into an exclusive school -- of fishes!!!

I ship Eleven/Amy like it's no one's business but I feel for Rory. Just like I felt for Mickey whenever Rose would leave him, I feel for Rory a lot. From the moment the Doctor popped out of his stag party cake and asked him to come along, I felt like it was sweet of the Doctor to offer. You could totally see Amy not liking the situation at first but at least she got used to it. I wonder if the Doctor will get jealous. He better realize he was the one pushing her to Rory when his feelings~ (if any) get deeper.

Chuck 03x16: Chuck Versus the Tooth

Oh snap! She couldn't say it back. I feel bad that Chuck's getting all these crazy dreams and the effects it's having on his mind. I'd really hate if the Intersect was messing with his mind. Thank goodness Sarah's there for him. I was kind of afraid that she wouldn't get to say I Love You back but at least now we know she'll always come back for him. Also, it's Doc! From Back to the Future! It was so eerie hearing him talk that way!!!

I'm glad that Morgan gave Anna the brush off. I love that's he's becoming a different person now and isn't salivating over her anymore. Meanwhile, I feel so scared for how The Ring is totally using Ellie!!! This is horrible. If only she knew the actual truth, she wouldn't be endangering herself. Awesome, please be awesome and do something! over-all, not a super spectacular episode but Chuck can literally do nothing to make me disappointed now. However, NBC can do so much by NOT cancelling it. Please NBC? Thanks.

Gossip Girl 03x21: Ex-Husbands and Wives

Scheming Blair and Scheming Chuck. It was hilarious when Dan was saying the shit they'd done to Cameron. YES CAMERON, IT IS AS RIDICULOUS AS IT SOUNDS. I'm glad they're all teaming up to solve the mystery of Holland/Rufus/Lily/William because obviously Serena is too damn blind to realize otherwise.

And No Serena, do not fall back into the arms of Dan Humphrey. You and Nate are gorgeous together. What are you doing?! And Jenny, give up already please? I know you made your points this episode, but don't don't don't let this get to you Nate. Please don't say you've fallen for this. I hope Nate has more pretty-boy sense than this.

Also, way to ultimatum Chuck Bass. I swear I hope Blair comes to the top of the Empire state cause it would be a shame if he closed his heart to her forever. I get that they're supposed to drag this fight on, but I really just feel like it was so contrived for them to break up. I don't know if they're getting back together but I'm just so meh, I could care less.

Thank goodness the sting went by fine. Though it was utterly anticlimactic. I have to agree with Jenny. Rufus and Lily have issues. They need to work it out. Leave it to Blair to pull something off. I'm glad she's back to her scheming ways. Though I'm sure next week's finale will leave us dumbfounded.

90210 02x21: Javianna

WHY BREAK UP WITH TEDDY, SILVER!? I get the guilt she's feeling. I see Max Brennan Spence working his magic, but Teddy/Silver are just so goddamn cute together it pisses me off that he lost the game and now lost Silver. This sort of makes me want to rewatch Wimbledon just because it's too cute. And Silver, I do not approve of the random making out with Dixon. You guys looked high not drunk.

Also, Adrianna, wow. Where to begin? I don't like Javier, he looks like a hybrid of Navid and Ethan and some Jasper too. I also can't watch her perform. It's just me, I know. Naomi!!! How can you let this happen to you and Liam? I get you're busy with Jen but really? Desert Liam when all he's been is there for you. I sense a break up coming soon. This then leads Liam into Annie's arms. I'm glad that Annie isn't getting back with Jasper but I feel she's totally gonna cave next week. I hope not. Now say it with me, keep Teddy/Silver together!

Glee 01x18: Laryngitis

Sue came out for a total of like five seconds in this episode but those were the most amazing five seconds of it. The show bordered on preachy again but nothing beats Home so this one wasn't bad. Of course only Sue Sylvester can tell you who you are. And now we won't see her 10 minute Mariah extravaganza. Sue, please be on the show more. I can't believe I only have these TWO scenes of you.

Another person I adooooore and wish we had seen more of? Brittany. I really really really love her and seeing her make out with Kurt was a bit weird but I love how she wanted a perfect record. And how cute was she totally initiating things in the ultra mood-lighting basement of Kurt? We need more Sue and more Brittany

I wasn't so interested in the Mercedes half of the Puck storyline, but I love we got more Puck. I get that Quinn isn't very clingy to Puck and I like it, but I do have to say I miss their interaction. I know we got the flour fight last time but I miss them. I wish they'd at least show him sort of leaning towards being with Quinn cause I feel like in the end, it will be them just like we'll get Rachel/Finn... unless Jesse sticks around. AND REALLY? WHERE IS JESSE?! No more spring break for you mister.

And despite the cheesiness of what Finn's interactions with Rachel entailed, I'm glad we got to see a bit more of them. Though "Run, Joey, Run" gave us a sampler of every possible permutation Rachel + BOY can have, I also squee a bit on the inside when we get some Finn/Rachel. Especially now that he's being so bold with his feelings for her. Still, I want that sing off with Jesse. Bring it.

Also, it totally made me laugh when Rachel devised this utterly scheming plan just to prove who was lip synching in class and who wasn't. So very Rachel Berry. And see, it got the job done. Leave it to her.

The Climb ©
I kinda wish we had a real version of this just because
I'm sure Lea would sound AMAZING singing this
I know, I'm a year late to loving this song

Jesse's Girl ©
How APT is it that Jesse is the name of Rachel's boy
I wonder if they made his name Jesse just so that
they could use this song. Nevertheless, I love it.

The Lady is a Tramp ©
So much for solos!!! Still, Puck does it so damn well
He needs more solos with or without the mohawk
Also, Mark Salling, stop being so sexy. It hurts

Pink Houses ©
I appreciate the Kurt storyline, I do. I'm just not liking it now
His song was hilarious though, I love his 'man' voice.
Oh Kurt, just enjoy being whoever you are

The Boy Is Mine ©
Wow, Santana means business. I totally squeed
when they played the intro to this song though.
Passionately crazy these girls are over Puck. I don't blame them.

Rose's Turn ©
And we've got showtunes and Kurt's name in lights
Now that's more like it. He seemed really comfortable
and at home with this song. Also, I love his dad.

One ©
I'm sorry Steph, but there was choreography. I knew it
Not a bad rendition, I liked their outfits though

Bones 05x21: The Boy With the Answer

I really do love the Grave Digger plot line but somehow I wasn't super blown away by this episode. Still, it doesn't mean I didn't enjoy the whole trial thing. Max Brennan wanting to kill the Grave Digger and Hodgins being really emotional over it and Bones and Booth trying to be there for one another as they went through the case was really great. I'm so glad they got the justice they deserved.

But really, all the B/B moments killed me. When Booth dropped the case with Brennan cause he wanted to be there for her. Caroline Julian referring to Bones as Booth's girlfriends with the looks he was giving her. The way Brennan was opening up to Booth in the end? The hug they shared. Their little moments together just kill me. I know we're already getting hints that Brennan needs a break from work, so I'm curious as to what the finale will bring next week. Don't mess with us, Hanson.

Vampire Diaries 01x22: Founder's Day

I honestly DO NOT KNOW where to begin with this show other than it IT FREAKING BLEW MY MIND. I'm still in a quasi coma trying to digest everything.
  • that tricky starting when I think it's a flashback only to find out it's not.
  • we see Tyler/Mayor sort of phase into wolves (or whatever they ware)
  • we get some Caroline/Matt though I don't know why she's bleeding
  • Jeremy/Anna, though I'm sad that Anna's dead and Jeremy's on his way to vampirism
  • TWO SECONDS OF ALARIC SALTZMAN (which is the low point of this episode because really, how can one only have two seconds of him?!)
  • the fact that David Anders is a bad ass and can be as evil as he wants because he is hot
  • how we sort of see Bonnie kinda redeem herself though not for me
  • Epic bromance of the Salvatore brothers and their love hate relationship
  • Professions of love love love for Stefan Stefan Stefan from Elena (which confuses me when she's all amenable to being kissed -- and kissing back)
  • Katherine freaking appears and totally negates the hot kiss we thought we got (I see you there being sneaky, Kevin Williamson)
  • BUT REALLY, despite my lack of coloring skillz, especially with Vampire Diaries caps, I thought I'd share some major Damon love just because he trumps it all in this episode without even trying. He just has to appear on screen and I AM DEAD. From his caring for Stefan to being all teasing with Stefan over his liking Elena (which he does); to saying thank you to Bonnie; and putting Jeremy in his place cause he was hurting Elena; to owning up to what he did to Vicki; to totally being psyched internally that he was kissing Elena. I can't wait till next season.

It's Founder's Day. I'm here to eat cotton candy and steal your girl.

You have no sense of humor.
I have no sense of Damon humor.

Aren't they beautiful?

I don't take what you did lightly. So thank you
I did it for Elena
I know that, but I'm still very grateful
and I owe you one

I like you better like this. The period look didn't suit you.
Is it an insult
Actually Elena, it's a compliment of the highest order.

I think you should stop with the
flirty little comments and the eye thing you do.

What eye thing?
Don't make me regret being your friend.

Let go of me before I cause a scene.
You'd be unconscious before you got a word out.

Good cap, bad cop. I like it.
What are you doing?
He's being a punk.
Elena's relationship with her brother
is none of your business, so stay out of it.

Oh there's only one do-gooder here

You're still around?

Uh... what are you doing?
Saving your life

Do you have any idea what you've done?
Yes. As a matter of fact, I do

Mayor, is that you?
What are you doing here?
I'm a vampire. What's your excuse?

Bonnie, what is it?

Life sucks either way, Jeremy.
At least if you're a vampire, you don't have to
feel bad about it if you don't want to.

What are you doing here?
A failed and feeble attempt at doing the right thing
Which was?
It's not important

Somewhere along the way,
you decided I was worth saving.
I wanted to thank you for that.
You're welcome.

What are you doing?
I don't wanna talk about it

American Idol 9: Top 4 (Songs of the Cinema)

Words cannot explain how utterly blah-ed out I am. I'm literally doing this recap to satisfy my anal retentiveness. I started the season. I'm gonna damn end it. And though it was finally time for Michael to go, I have to admit I actually liked him over Crystal and Lee this week. Though it's probably a Crystal/Lee finale, I actually really liked Casey and Michael this week.

Casey really does manage to charm me and his simple rendition of Mrs. Robinson felt natural and uncontrived and just very him. I didn't know that was the title of Michael's song but I really appreciated how he did it. It could have gone way awry but he did well. I guess Crystal's allowed a bad week, after all her consistent ones. I just wasn't wowed. And Lee's voice is what gets him through every song. It's that gruff. I just don't know what to do with myself anymore.

And in the most biased combination of partners, I'll give it to Michael & Casey for putting up a fight with this song. I know it wasn't as good as when Daughtry sang it (and I didn't even like him), but considering they were touted to be the weaker, pair. Not bad. Meanwhile, Lee & Crystal did good with the song but after Kris Allen, I just feel like they shouldn't have even tried -- not that Kris was spectacular but this just feels very glory-hawking and all.


Top EW Pamy Patty Aisha Yuan Sara Nikki Results
12 Katie Paige Tim Paige Paige Paige Katie Lacey
11 Paige Lacey Katie Lacey Tim Lacey Tim Paige
10 Aaron Aaron Paige Katie Aaron Aaron Aaron Didi
9 Lacey Katie Lacey Tim Lacey Tim Paige Andrew
8 Andrew Andrew Michael Aaron Katie Katie Lacey Katie
7 Tim Michael Lee Lee Andrew Didi Andrew Tim
6 Casey Tim Casey Siobhan Casey Michael Michael Siobhan
5 Didi Lee Aaron Crystal Didi Lee Siobhan Aaron
4 Michael Casey Andrew Didi Michael Siobhan Lee Michael
3 Lee Didi Siobhan Casey Lee Andrew Casey
2 Siobhan Siobhan Didi Andrew Crystal Casey Didi
1 Crystal Crystal Crystal Michael Siobhan Crystal Crystal

Poll #1564259 AI9: Top 4 (Songs of the Cinema)

Who were your favorites?

Lee DeWyze - "Kiss from a Rose"
Michael Lynche - "Will You Be There"
Casey James - "Mrs. Robinson"
Crystal Bowersox - "I'm Alright"

Which was your favorite duet?

Crystal Bowersox & Lee DeWyze - "Falling Slowly"
Casey James & Michael Lynche - "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?"

Who should have been eliminated?

Casey James
Crystal Bowersox
Lee DeWyze
Michael Lynche

Over-all, the top 4 were

Very Good
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