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12 of 12: May 2010

[+] Take 12 photos on the 12th of each month
[+] Post the pictures chronological order
[+] Indicate the time, location, and a small comment
[+] Have fun camwhoring!
[+] Taken from Chad at 12 of 12

07:37 am // my bedroom

I caught The Last Song with Lee last night cause I scored some free premiere night tickets and though it wouldn't be something I could watch over and over, it definitely was entertaining. I think it had to do with the company. Lee is awesome.

07:38 am // my bedroom

Tomorrow, I'm gonna see my college friends and go swimming at Anna's house. I haven't seen these girls since December last year and it's gonna be great to hang out again. Problem is, I haven't worn my swimsuits in FOREVER. Why did I eat so much today?! It's the one-piece then

07:29 am // my bedroom

I saw this black faux leather jacket in the department store a few weeks ago but didn't want to spend at all. Then I remembered that I had gift certificates to another department store and promised myself that if I still found the jacket the next time I was out, I'd get it. Too bad it's so hot now.

07:40 am // my bedroom

Speaking of heat, we've bought extra electric fans to get through this scorching summer. So now we have th the big fan and the little fan which my little sister uses during the day. In a way, I'm glad I'm in the office if only for the reprieve from the heat.

07:41 am // my bedroom

I told myself I WOULD NOT spend at the Converse sale but then I saw pink Jack Purcells that were on sale and my old pink shoes really did need replacing so I caved in and bought them. I'll have to keep justifying this purchase just so I won't feel guilty for shopping.

07:42 am // my bedroom

After watching Julie and Julia and loving it, jamypye got me the books for my birthday! My sister knows me so well. Books really are the way to my heart. And so now while commuting, I'm enjoying the gastronomic descriptions of Julia Child's life in France. Bon appetite!

07:43 am // my bedroom

As you've probably realized, I took a whole slew of photos this morning just cause I knew I'd be stuck in the office. Last photo in my bedroom is of the books Nikki gave me! She already went through the Sookie Stackhouse series and was giving it away. I haven't watched True Blood nor do I plan to, but hey the books might change my mind.

08:26 am // EDSA Corner Quezon Avenue

Every morning, after getting down from the jeepney at Quezon Avenue, I cross this overpass on my way to work. I could actually take a tricycle going to the office but seeing as I get zero exercise anyway, I might as well try to exert some effort. I love my morning walks.

08:46 am // my manager's office desk

My sister dug up this old photo of my manager, me and my sister when they were still in college and I was still in high school. It's amazing how I already knew my boss back then. Lord knows I didn't think I'd end up working with her, but it's fun looking back.

09:17 am // my manager's office desk

And more stories from this manager. She accidentally left her lunch box at the baggage counter of the department store yesterday while buying diapers for her baby. So funny. So now she has to go back to the mal to claim her lunch box. So forgetful!

12:33 pm // the office pantry

My mom obviously was playing in the kitchen again cause my lunch today consisted of cold Japanese noodles (soba) with squid fritters and takomakis! So freaking good. I wasn't sure how I was supposed to eat it, but after getting a call from my mom with instructions, I had the best lunch ever.

06:54 pm // Lay Bare

In a sort of spur of the moment decision, I drop by the waxing place to prep myself for tomorrow's swimming party. I haven't been to one in ages and let's just say, we need to be prepared. First time to get that done and it wasn't so bad. Let's see if I'm rich enough to maintain this.
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