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I know I hurt you[18 Down/34 To Go!]
[-] In what is possibly the hottest week of summer so far, I managed to get through the week without withering away to nothing but sweat. You know those Home TV Shopping products that show you getting thinner by attaching this silly thing that makes you sweat? Well I've sweat sooooo damn much, I better be losing weight.

[-] Not that I'm feeling down about it, but I never did hear back about that other opportunity, so I'm just not going to hope for it anymore. I guess it wasn't meant to be. Oh well, I'm sure there are other things out there for me. For now, I'll keep doing my best at what I'm in. This isn't meant for pity. It just feels good to let it go.

[+] Still, it wasn't as bad a week as it sounds. In fact, it flew by pretty quickly and there were highlights. Meeting up with highschool and college friends and awesome tv. I whine too much, I know.

Hot day is hot, but it doesn't matter cause there's no work!!! I woke up at 6am (like clockwork) but the best part? I got to sleep in. I caught up on my reading, sat through some Criminal Minds, watched Bolt (again) with my brother and just enjoyed NOT being in the office. And of course we made gifs for Paola's return. So excited for her to see them. Yes, we are dorks.
Despite it being a Tuesday, it sure felt like a lazy Monday getting back to work after the long weekend. And though there weren't to many fires to deal with, there were still the minor annoyances that just have to crop up. I really hate office drama but sometimes it's literally just asking for it. Why can't people just mind their own work and just get along with others? Nursery much?
Two things today: 1) My teammates and I skipped lunch to check out the Fire Sale at Shangri-La and MY GOD, I've never seen that many people in my life. Lines were too long to buy anything; 2) We kept trying to call Tasha's phone on Nannah's phone but we kept getting redirected to Nannah's dad's number. We find out Nannah's dad's name on her phone is Tasha's name. So funny
I've never had such a busy day. From the deck I had to finish to the workshop I had to attend, it didn't help that there was a Mens Rea, MoBS & With Teeth update that I couldn't read. Then my friend Lee came over for lunch (froyo) and I toured her around the studios. My teammates were celebrating their birthdays so we ate more froyo then I met up with Sophie and Mimi for late dinner. Jampacked much?
I always love Fridays just because they lead into the weekend. It was a quasi sad day though cause it was an officemates last day. We have the same name-ish, got into the company at the same time and now she's moving on to greater things. I'll miss her for sure. We went home together (cause we live near each other) one last time and the traffic was horrible thanks to the miting de avances.
Excruciatingly hot does not begin to describe the day. I spent the afternoon finishing my book but it was just too damn hot that even sleeping was uncomfortable. I don't understand how we can't have a bit of rain? Reading fic is better when it's raining outside. Thank god for the fic updates we suddenly got (Hello A Rough Start & Just Wait. And finally, Misfits marathon!!! Good times.
We had lunch with my cousins and grandma for Mother's Day and it was a nice reprieve being in their air conditioned condominium unit. It felt nice to just catch up with my cousin (who gifted me with her True Blood books -- looks like I'll be reading soon) and just hang out. Crossing my fingers that my cousin and aunt get better stat. Elections tomorrow and I'm still sort of undecided on a lot. Oh deer.
Tags: 2010 weekender, barkada, college friends, first job, more family, weather and calamities
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