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TV Time: It's Rufus vs. William; Naomi vs. Jenn; and Isobel vs. Mystic Falls

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It's a little overwhelming how much television I actually watch. It usually takes me hours to put my thoughts together so I decided to do it little by little this week and I definitely felt so much lighter knowing I wouldn't have to do all the shows again all at once. Though I love my TV shows, I'll be glad when the finales hit. I don't know if I can do this anymore.

Doctor Who 05x05: Flesh and Stone

TOO MUCH CUTENESS IN THIS EPISODE. But first I'll get the nasty out of the way. River Song, I have my eye on you. The moment we find out she killed a man, I immediately think: OMG, it's the Doctor! and I think we're all in agreement that it could possibly be him. Thank goodness for the re-writing of time. Moving on, creepy ass angels are creepy. I do not like them one bit and I would be freaking out as well if I had to navigate through a forest with killer stone angels. Go Amy Pond. You're made of much better stuff than I am.

But really, how many awww moments were there in this episode? When he left her with a kiss on the forehead in the forest, I thought I would combust and die from cuteness. How was I to know she'd totally attack him and jump him in her bedroom the night before her wedding? Getting one last guy in huh? I'm hoping they sustain this lust/longing she has for him cause the Doctor is so cute when he's flustered. BUT HELLO THERE!!! They kissed. Even if it was one-sided and the Doctor kept pulling up his suspenders, they need to get it on. I doubt they ever will, but in my mind, it's on.

Chuck 03x15: Chuck Versus the Role Models

Not as explosive as last week, but it would be hard to top that. It's really sweet how Chuck is already putting himself out there asking Sarah to move in with him. I love how despite them being so new, the fact that this thing they've had going on feels like forever, that he just thought of asking her right away. And The Turners! Look! It's Aunt Lily and Olive's sort of uncle from Pushing Daisies. I love how she's an alcoholic and he's still an ass. I miss that show so much. But really, The Bartowski's were pretty damn cute together. And no, you won't be like that in 30 years. Just work on it.

It was great to see Casey try his best to train Morgan though. He really is a diamond in the rough and seeing him get trained parallel to Sarah and Chuck's mission was pretty funny. And look! He's willing to put himself out there in front of a Bengal Tiger cause he thinks he isn't worth anything. Well Morgan, you are. Meanwhile, I'm glad we got to see Ellie and Awesome in 'Congo.' It's funny cause the moment the new doctor comes out, I jokingly tell my siblings he's a ring agent (cause it would be so absurd if he was) and true enough, he is! I'm just glad this isn't the last we see of Awesome and Ellie. Please don't kill them in the finale.

Gossip Girl 03x20: It’s a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World

Oh Dr. Van Der Woodsen. I totally see you up to something so I'm glad that Rufus, Jenny and Chuck are seeing something. I can't blame the Eric for deflecting. I actually thought he was on Team Rufus for a bit there, but alas, he too has gone to the dark side with the bribe of acceptance of his homosexuality and the fact that he does probably miss his dad.

Serena, of course cannot be left to fend for herself, so it was obvious that she too would be on Team Van Der Woodsen, seeing as her complex daddy issues are just waiting to be addressed -- also it doesn't hurt that big mouth neighbor spilled the beans. But really, I hope that Lily doesn't fall for this smooth fox all over again. You did marry Rufus for a reason. Stick to this one.

Meanwhile, in another far-fetched tale, Blair Waldorf is miraculously enrolled into Columbia, thanks of course to the wheeling and dealing of Chuck Bass. I swear you guys, stop pretending neither of you care about the other post-break up because you're not fooling anyone. I have to give it to Nate for laying it down for Blair and for Blair for Gossip Girl blasting about Jenny. Someone needs to call this girl out. But really, I'm just going to wait and see how Chuck EVENTUALLY redeems himself. We can't have a season finale without Chuck/Blair right?

90210 02x20: Meet the Parent

Raise your hand if you're glad Teddy/Silver are working things out. Wheee! So Teddy's dad isn't the most supportive bloke on the planet, but Ryan O'Neal seems to be typecast as the not so great dad (hello there Max Brennan), so I wasn't surprised. I'm glad that Teddy's at least trying to work things out with Silver though. I don't know if it'll actually come down to tennis vs. Silver so I hope we get a bit of both.

And the Naomi/Liam/Annie saga lives another episode. First off, I feel bad for Naomi having to deal with Jenn again. Girl needs to get out of our lives. I only like her with Mr. Matthews but we all know how that ended. Then there's Liam and the runaway dad. I'm still hoping there's some redeeming quality to Mr. Court and we're just led to believe the worst. And poor Annie, no one to talk to about her parents crumbling marriage. I feel bad for her really. But Liam isn't the only guy here? oh wait, in this universe, he is. Dammit. More drama.

I'm also glad that the Lila/Navid party is done because Adrianna may flirt with singer Javier, but we know she'll end up in the arms of Navid eventually. Right? And is it just me or does Laurel (Ivy's mom) look like Sue Sylvester but with long hair. I digress. I don't know if Javier's a mainstay but I'm hoping he is but plot foil for the evntual Navid/Adrianna reunion.

Glee 01x17: Bad Reputation

And Glee is back to it's usual awesome ways. First off, I'll start with Rachel trying to get her bad reputation quotient up. I just realized that she has indeed hooked up with all of the straight males on the show (who aren't on wheelchairs). I loved how we got a bit of Finn/Rachel, Puck/Rachel and Jesse/Rachel. I can't decide who I like best but I did feel sad for Rachel when Jesse sort of broke up with her. He did have a point. Who knew Rachel was sooooo promiscuous? For someone so gleeky, she got around. Lucky girl.

My love for Sue knows no bounds. See this is the time of heartwarming glee, I like. Whenever they show Sue's sister, they add just the right amount of human touch to her without being so preachy and goodie like last week. I really love how we see another side of Sue with her sister. I always get choked up watching them together. And good for you, Sue Sylvester! Even if Molly Shannon made fun of you, you got the last laugh. I love Molly Shannon though. I hope this is a recurring role.

And also, go Emma. Will is a slut, sort of and I'm glad she finally stood up for herself. I'm glad she didn't fold in the end either. I can't wait to see her really voice out her opinions and not just fold whenever Mr. Schu and his curls come around. She deserves better than that and I'm happy we're seeing it now. Also, I missed Ken Tanaka. Wow, the break up did not do him well.

Just because I love her, Brittany was A+ as always in this episode. Her antiobiotic taking, her fierce moves to 'Can't Touch This' and her claim to making out with everyone in school just cements my love for her. I wish we'd seen some Brittany/Santana moments, but Heather Morris is amazing on her own anyways.

Victory is Sue's. I love how despite getting mocked for it,
she totally comes out on top with a crazily choreographed remake of the video
Plus, the mane meat is crazy! I cannot do push ups.

Ice Ice Baby
I see my sister getting giddy of Mr. Schu rapping.
It has been quite some time since the Thong song.
Highlight of the song? Changster and Brittany's moves. WORK IT!

U Can't Touch This
From the costumes to the choreography to the rapping,
this was definitely one of the MOST absurd performances EVER
Still, hilarious just because of the outfits. Flashbaaaack

Run Joey Run
Brittany/Santana's angel cameos are always cute to watch
Rachel and the three boys? Makes me realize I can't decide which I ship most
I also love smoke machines. They should be in everything.

Total Eclipse of the Heart
WOW. I love this song and how they fit all three boys in it
Ballet + Jesse = WIN WIN WIN. Look at those tights
Also, I'm still amazed how they can match the songs so well to the plot.

Bones 05x20: The Witch in the Wardrobe

I do love Hodgins/Angela together and I'm glad they got married, lord knows it was a long time coming, but I just did not see that at all. I know they've been hinting at it in spoilers but I just wish we got a bit more mush and cutesiness between them before they tied the knot. Also, what is Angela's real name and why is she ashamed of it? Must be pretty naughty! So glad one ship has been fulfilled. I'm not holding my breath for the other one.

And though I wish there were more awww scenes with B/B this episode, at least we get that last scene in the bar where Booth makes a wish for Bones's happiness. Sometimes Bones can be so dense. Here is Booth, totally just trying to put himself out there and Bones just being herself -- which we can't blame but with all this change in her, I can't help but wish her heart would change in that sense. Oh well.

Vampire Diaries 01x21: Isobel

So is it just me or am I totally in love with Isobel? Yeah she's evil and totally unremorseful but she did bag Uncle John/Alaric so that says a lot of her. Seriously, this woman is HOT. I love Mia Kirshner and liked her in The L Word, but now, even when straight, she's just too hot.

When she demands Alaric to let her see her daughter and when she totally has John wrapped around her finger. The way she'd literally kill anyone (Matt, Jeremy, the Salvatore brothers). I love how she isn't afraid of Damon and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. She feels like a really smart, villain. Smart enough for Katherine to send.

The way she has two people getting it on in front of her for her entertainment and of course her trying to seduce or whatever it was with Damon? REALLY REALLY HOT. I like her. A LOT. And the way she told Alaric the truth though she did compel him to forget afterwards was really sweet. And yes to David Anders being Elena's dad. So much for calling him uncle!

Then of course, there's the Damon/Alaric bromance that lives on. I swear these two need to stay together all the time because I'm liking their little love affair so much. Damon wanting to be in there with Elena and instead having to wait outside with Alaric? Yes please. Any excuse to have them together is oaky with me. The real bromance though with Stefan/Damon was totally tested complete with Isobel outing Damon's love her Elena and Stefan being all jealous boyfriend and confronting Damon. Let's just say I want history to repeat itself.

As if Isobel outing Damon's love wasn't enough, I loved all the Damon/Elena moments of course. I loved how he totally admits to having Elena as his only friend and just being totally protective of her to Isobel and even to Stefan. I'm glad Elena can count on him to be there for her even if Damon would deny it to the highest heavens. I swear these two are too cute -- even if they're just friends now.

And just because they're hot

I don't know what to do with myself. Damon Salvatore, John Gilbert and Alaric Saltzman. You just cannot go wrong with this show. No matter how hard you try.

American Idol 9: Top 5 (Frank Sinatra)

Yes, this really IS the year of GREAT GIRL SINGERS. This is why Crystal is the last girl standing. I still don't know why this season is so horrible but I'm just glad Aaron Kelly is gone. He was never my favorite and though he was pretty decent the past few weeks, I just feel nothing for him. He should have gone before Siobhan, she would have done well this week.

Out of the five, I only sort of liked Crystal and Lee. Casey and Michael weren't bad. Just not the best and this is jamypye and my favorite week. They did not impress -- as always. Crystal wins just cause she's consistent. I'm not blown away though by her Summer Wind. Lee ranks high also due to consistency and he chose a great song. I LOVE That's Life and he did it pretty well. No one does The way You Look Tonight without getting compared and it was good but whatever. And Casey, I like you, a lot. But his Blue Skies just wasn't much. And that concludes another WTF week on Idol.


Top EW Pamy Patty Aisha Yuan Sara Nikki Results
12 Katie Paige Tim Paige Paige Paige Katie Lacey
11 Paige Lacey Katie Lacey Tim Lacey Tim Paige
10 Aaron Aaron Paige Katie Aaron Aaron Aaron Didi
9 Lacey Katie Lacey Tim Lacey Tim Paige Andrew
8 Andrew Andrew Michael Aaron Katie Katie Lacey Katie
7 Tim Michael Lee Lee Andrew Didi Andrew Tim
6 Casey Tim Casey Siobhan Casey Michael Michael Siobhan
5 Didi Lee Aaron Crystal Didi Lee Siobhan Aaron
4 Michael Casey Andrew Didi Michael Siobhan Lee
3 Lee Didi Siobhan Casey Lee Andrew Casey
2 Siobhan Siobhan Didi Andrew Crystal Casey Didi
1 Crystal Crystal Crystal Michael Siobhan Crystal Crystal

Poll #1561399 AI9: Top 5 (Frank Sinatra)

Who were your favorites?

Aaron Kelly - "Fly Me to the Moon"
Casey James - "Blue Skies"
Crystal Bowersox - "Summer Wind"
Michael Lynche - "The Way You Look Tonight
Lee DeWyze - "That's Life"

Who should have been eliminated

Aaron Kelly
Casey James
Crystal Bowersox
Lee DeWyze
Michael Lynche

Over-all, the Top 5 were

Very Good
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