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TV Time: Chuck is Feeling Good; Bones & Booth are Hot Blooded; Stefan's Back To Good

[Chuck TV]
Chuck is Back and better than ever. I swear, I don't understand how it's still on the brink of cancellation because really, this show needs to go on forever. Also, just when I thought about giving up on Gossip Girl, it slowly starts to worm it's way back into my heart. I'm such a softie. But really, if any week would make me want to give up on Idol. This would be the week. Meh.

Doctor Who 05x04: The Time of Angels

I said it before, I'll say it again: I want Amy Pond's legs. They go on forever. I have to admit I got scared when he said, "Yes, you're right." and Amy thinks it's a yes to her asking if River Song was his wife-to-be. I see you jealous there for a moment, Amy!!! Don't feel useless, Amy. I still love you.

Also, the Weeping Angels freak me out. I don't know how Amy managed to stay in that room. I swear those Angels are creepy. I was so sad that Amy was willing to give herself up for the Doctor to live. The look on her face was just hurting me so bad. I'm glad the Doctor bit her and snapped her out of it. Can't wait for what happens next week.

Chuck 03x14: Chuck Versus the Honeymooners.

I have to say. Sarah Walker, please stop being so hot. You are turning me into a lesbian. but really, how adorable were Chuck/Sarah on their ~honeymoon across Paris?! I really wanted to give both of them a hug and keep them in their happy bubble. Still, it was funny to see them struggle with leaving the spy life. You KNOW they want to be spies. So it warms my heart so much that the General lets them be both! See Chuck! It's not so bad!!! I wonder if the GEneral would have been okay with it all those years ago cause then all their being apart would have been for nothing. But no, I'm sure the only reason the General is cool with it is cause Chuck's so good now and she can't lose two spies.

ALSO, Morgan/Casey?! Most adorable spy couple ever. I thought Chuck/Sarah were cute in season 1. Well Morgan makes a pretty damn great spy though it would be weird if he were too good. I hope he gets to go on little missions some of the time. I still want to see him in the Buy More uniform. And Jeffster! I loved their performance. I hate that Ellie and Awesome are leaving. I hope this isn't the last we see of them though. It would break my heart. Over-all, AMAZING episode all around.

Birds flying high you know how I feel
Sun in the sky you know how I feel
Breeze driftin' on by you know how I feel

It's a new dawn
It's a new day
It's a new life

For me
And I'm feeling good

Gossip Girl 03x19: Dr. Estrangeloved

OMG SHOW. Are you actually sort of being less boring? I blame this all on the appearance of a Baldwin brother. It's amazing cause the moment Lily and William step in, my brother totally calls the sickness is fake. My sister and I can't believe it. We're like, yeah she could be sick but nah, I don't know. AND IN THE END! BAM! It hits us. Dr. Van Der Woodsen is totally playing Lily. She's gonna be sooooo mad when she finds out she's been con-ned. I can't believe he'd do that to his kids! And to Lily! Rufus is gonna be furious. This doesn't remove from the fact that he is quite lovely on the eyes and sounds exactly like Jack Donaghy.

Also, I'm so happy shit finally hit the fan with Jenny. Oh Little J. Taking advice from Chuck? I know he's good with scheming but you aren't very good with execution. I hope Nate/Serena work things out because I'd hate for them to break up over this. And Serena 'needs' Nate now that she's going through ~so much with her family and all. Still, the smiles on our faces when Nate asked J to leave were so HUGE. Smack down woman. Don't try to break up the beautiful couple.

Finally, I'm glad Blair's moved past the scheming as well. You know Chuck is just dying to get back with her, but he won't sit down and be celibate while at it. I wonder what it'll take in the finale for them to want to get back together but it better be good. Writers, you broke them up? You better write an epic reunion and not break them up again after a season. Over-all, I'm scared at how GG is slowly trying ot be better -- enough to make me want to get suckered in for season 4. I'm a sucker like that.

90210 02x19: Multiple Choices

I am so glad Naomi came clean with her shenanigans. Look at all the girls get a group hug. But wait, your happiness wont' last long dear because a) your sister is back in town to wreak havoc and b) Annie seems to be falling for Liam. I'm glad Annie convinced Liam to go back to Annie but something tells me shit is going down next week for all of them.

Also, the Wilson Family is cursed. Ever since Tabitha left, things have been shitty for them. Now we get Harry/Debbie drama, which I need resolved stat. Dixon/Gambling drama which he needs to fix because he's an ass for even getting into it. And well Annie had her drama and it will probably haunt her forever. This family needs a break.

But really, I love the cuteness that is Silver/Teddy. I was actually thinking they'd get something lame like Teddy losing the game cause Silver attended his game and he's superstitious about that but apparently we get the my-dad-doesn't-know-about-my-girlfriend game. Boo. I hope things get fixed for them. Cause I really do dig this couple. ALSO, NO ONE WILL PASS THIS SAT. EVERYONE IS SO STRESSED.

Glee 01x16: Home

So not my favorite episode this season. Why? Because you could have totally taken it out of the season and the season would still make sense. Though Glee has never been one for chronological order, this was one of those totally OOC moments where characters aren't acting like themselves. I get people change, but wow, I didn't think they could change in an episode. I'm not a stone though, yeah the Mercedes/Quinn bonding was sweet and I did feel for Kurt for a bit, and I'm glad April bough the auditorium back but it all felt very preachy and very un-Glee. So I'll just focus on the moments I liked.

I really like Sue/Becky moments. We had one but it was cute how it was so very-Sue and very-Becky. They were able to mock societal norms without being preachy. See, show! You can do it. Mercedes's hallucinations were funny. Artie as cake and Tina as an icecream and our small bit of Jesse and Rachel as cupcakes. I need more of them.

Then there's the Finn/Carol/Bert/Finn's Dad/Kurt craziness. I feel for Kurt and Finn but if their parents are happy then I hope things work out for them. I really like Kurt's dad and the way he deals with things. He really is my hero. I get we just had a very Sue-centric episode and had a lot of Rachel/Jesse but this episode needed: more Rachel/Jesse, more Sue and more Brittany/Santana. Thank goodness Brittany thinks her cat is reading her diary. Best line of the episode.

Fire ©
I did not realize this was originally by the Boss
Cheno and Morrison always sound great together
Even when they're inapropriately flirting

A House is Not a Home ©
I'm glad Kurt got a solo that didn't involve Beyonce
This isn't a fave of mine (the song at least)
but Kurt did it well and you could feel it

One Less Bell To Answer ©
My dad watched this part with me and was really impressed
I have to say, watching Cheno/Matthew go at it just leaves me in awe
I wish they could have made a less sad storyline for her

Beautiful ©
Again, not one of my favorite Christina songs
but Mercedes of course would be the perfect fit for it
Great vocals, just didn't really feel it in the context of the show

Home ©
I love it when they cut away to a choir. It never fails
Cheno really knows her stuff
You can't go wrong with some Streisand

Bones 05x19: The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle

Bones, I see you bringing up Katherine every chance you get. Can you be any more obvious?! I hate how she still is acting this way. I know it's innately Bones, but it sucks because Booth gave her an in. He already put himself out there and she refused. Now she's the one bringing it up ALL THE TIME. I get your partnership is important to you, it's also important to Booth and constantly bringing it up is only hurting him cause you're not letting him move on. Cut him lose or take the plunge. I don't know why I'm so passionate about this. I like Brennan. A lot. But I love Booth too. And I hurt for him.

Meanwhile, I'm so happy for Cam. This doctor is kinda cute in that geeky way. I love her dynamic with Michelle and I'm glad we got to see a bit of it here again. When they switched roles with Michelle telling her down, it was kinda adorable. I hope this is a lasting match for Dr. Saroyan. Also, we're three episodes to the finale. I want some Hodgins/Angela please.

Vampire Diaries 01x20: Blood Brothers

So this is how the Salvatore Brothers turned into vampires. I really love flashbacks. Their hair and outfits are so funny. How very NewMoon!Edward of Stefan to tell Elena that he doesn't want her there. Go Elena though, standing her ground and all. But no wonder Stefan's such an emo kid, he drank from his dying father. Look at him turning Damon into who he is now. Now I love Damon more, but at least I get Stefan as well. His scene with Elena in the end was pretty intense and kudos to him for pulling it off. I'm glad they brought Stefan back. It was causing too much drama.

And Elena/Damon!!! I like it how they're both just trying to help Damon but their scenes together are so made of win. And though she was telling him off, her feet on his lap was really cute. I want more. Obviously, I say this each episode. But i had to say it some more.

Alaric/Damon bromance grows strong. I love their little missions they go on together. Hotness times two is always so fun to watch. I wanted to give Alaric a hug so bad. And OMG!!!! Isabel is baaaaaaaaack. This show knows how to give those cliffhangers.

I kinda cared about Jeremy this time around and that's all thanks to Anna. i'm really liking her. Thus it felt so sad when she bid him goodbye. He wasn't even fully awake to say it as well. And then her mom dies? Poor kid. David Anders, stop being amazing. WOW. John Gilbert really is a bad ass.

American Idol 9: Top 6 (Shania Twain Week)

For some reason, I liked Casey James this week even if I wasn't familiar with the song. This is the first time tihs season where after listening to the mp3, I was actually interested in seeing the video. Not just cause he's pretty either. Also, I don't know why Aaron (my mind is suddenly blank when it comes to his family name) Kelly! is even in my top 3, it's a sacrilege really, but this sowns me and though he didn't really blow me away, it was good. I wish Casey chose his song. And rounding up my top 3, is Crystal Bowersox, the last girl standing. She was her usual effortless self, it just didn't feel like her best. at all.

Do I think Siobhan deserved the boot? Of course not. Sure it wasn't her best week but I would have preferred Michael, just cause I don't care about him. I actually wasn't a fan of Lee's, I ranked him lowest this week, but whatever. So much for a strong year for the girls on Idol. THere's one girl left.


Top EW Pamy Patty Aisha Yuan Sara Nikki Results
12 Katie Paige Tim Paige Paige Paige Katie Lacey
11 Paige Lacey Katie Lacey Tim Lacey Tim Paige
10 Aaron Aaron Paige Katie Aaron Aaron Aaron Didi
9 Lacey Katie Lacey Tim Lacey Tim Paige Andrew
8 Andrew Andrew Michael Aaron Katie Katie Lacey Katie
7 Tim Michael Lee Lee Andrew Didi Andrew Tim
6 Casey Tim Casey Siobhan Casey Michael Michael Siobhan
5 Didi Lee Aaron Crystal Didi Lee Siobhan
4 Michael Casey Andrew Didi Michael Siobhan Lee
3 Lee Didi Siobhan Casey Lee Andrew Casey
2 Siobhan Siobhan Didi Andrew Crystal Casey Didi
1 Crystal Crystal Crystal Michael Siobhan Crystal Crystal

Poll #1558394 AI9: Top 6 (Shania Twain)

Who were your favorites?

Lee DeWyze - "You're Still the One"
Michael Lynche - "It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing"
Casey James - "Don't!"
Crystal Bowersox - "No One Needs to Know"
Aaron Kelly - "You've Got a Way"
Siobhan Magnus - "Any Man of Mine"

Who should have been eliminated

Aaron Kelly
Casey James
Crystal Bowersox
Lee DeWyze
Michael Lynche
Siobhan Magnus

Over-all, the Top 6 were

Very Good
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