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Eclipse Trailer Needs More Cullens, Less Wolves; Kristen Flaunts Her Stuff

[Kristen Stewart Fan]
Just a little over two months left till Eclipse (66 days to be exact) and today we get our full theatrical trailer. Though I'm still hoping fore More Cullens > Less Wolves, I've got to say, it's gotten me more excited for the movie (then again, I'm terribly easy to please). I know we haven't been getting much, but I'm really hoping this is because Slade is saving the awesomeness for the movie. Crossing my fingers.

Eclipse Theatrical Trailer

Jacob, what are you doing?
I'm here to warn you

Just leave. Now.
She has a right to know

We've been tracking the situation in Seattle for a while;
unexplained disappearances, killings

Someone's creating an army
An army of vampires?

They're coming here.
This means an ugly fight, with lives lost.

We're in.
As long as we get to kill some vampires

It's time
Yes, it is.

*patty wishing rachelle lefevre was still victoria while listening to 'hearing damage'*

I totally get how the wolves are vital and how the Cullens wouldn't have stood a chance without them, but I would seriously appreciate much much much more Cullent-screen time over Wolf screen time. We already had our fill in New Moon. I'm hoping Slade gives the Cullen kids & parents more lines this time around (though the fact that we get Alice/Jasper shots and some Carlisle lines could be a sign of good times).


Another reason I wish I were at Coachella? Kristen was there too. She brought her brother (and bodyguard) to the Lacoste party (where R-Bils was too!) I see she's got yet another pair of sunglasses to add to her growing collection. Obviously, the Ray-Bans had to stay at home for this event.

Flaunt Magazine

I cannot wait for more photos from this shoot just because she looks pretty damn fierce in it. I like the styling and though it reminds me a little of the Interview magazine shoot, it's not like that was a bad set at all. Love this cover.


Ashley graces the cover of Nylon Korea with Baby V and a kid I probably should recognize, but I don't. I just love Ashley so seeing her on the cover makes me really happy for her. I still love her with her short hair, but she rocks the long locks just as well. Nylon US perhaps up next? I hope so!


How adorable was Anna at the US Weekly Hot Hollywood Issue Party? Not my favorite rag, but if it's a reason to see Anna looking gorgeous in a blue sparkly Emilio Pucci dress, then I'm all for it. Her make-up is just flawless and that smile just really makes her sparkle. I love that we get to see so much more of Anna now.
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