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TV Time: Idol Is So Uninspired; Bones IS the Standard; Sue Fills Me With Madge-ical Tunes

I'm usually a kid that sticks with tradition. American Idol is a tradition. My sister and I have been watching for years and now that she's in Singapore, I admit, it's weird (not) watching without her. The thing is though, the show has been sooooo bad, even if she didn't leave, we'd still be disappointed. I don't think I could go on next year, because this season is just so ~uninspiring.

Doctor Who 05x03: The Victory of the Daleks

Oh Daleks. Look at you all shiny and new. I think it was barilace's gif that said "Go Go Dalek Rangers" and it really did feel like The Power Rangers complete with the different colors. Of course the Doctor would choose the earth over killing the Daleks. Something tells me that no matter how many times he beats them, they'll manage to return to torment the next Doctor.

And how cute was Amy in her outfit? I wish my legs were that long so I could pull off the knee high boots/mini skirt look. Im glad she was able to help again sans the Doctor at her side. What a useful companion you are, Amy Pond. When she asked the Dalek/Human how if he's felt that he loved someone he knew he shouldn't and then she looked at the Doctor, I squealed on the inside.

Glee 01x15: The Power of Madonna

GLEEE. There are no words. Finn/Rachel/Jesse just kill me. First off, I feel so bad that Finn and Rachel are lying to each other now. I felt really bad for Finn though I shouldn't really. He was with Quinn while Rachel suffered so it's only right that he gets a little heartache too. But when I see his puppy dog look and how he's really sincere, it kills me.

AND WHAT THE HELL!!? Jesse, you creepy/sexy SPY!!! It's so obvious he's a spy and it's gonna kill Rachel and the other gleeks when shit hits the fan. I can't believe this is actually going to fly because they're all working so hard only to get really busted by this sexy/creepy mofo. Not cool. And when Finn shakes Jesse's hand welcoming him to New Directions? I died. Poor kid.

And I cannot see how ANYONE cannot love Sue. Seriously. She is just the most awesome character ever. Admitting to her jealous of Will's hair? Priceless. I feel bad for her. I love her love for Madonna though. So fitting and just so empowering. No wonder she's such a strong bitch. I really wish Sue gets a happy ending even if the Gleeks get theirs too. Over-all AMAZING as always. This show owns me.

Express Yourself ©
Amazing how Quinn can fit her bump into a corset
She looked sooooooo good in her outfit? Y/Y
Also, Santana/Brittany? So fierce

Borderline/Open Your Heart To Me ©
My favorite song ever mashed up with another goodie
There's always something awkward watching Finn/Rachel
they're always sooo into it, but this song was love

Vogue ©
She rocked this one like it was nobody's business
Kurt/Mercedes are the cutest

Like a Virgin ©
Quite possibly 50% awkward 50% awesome
I love the parallelisms and the choreography
but it felt ultra weird watching my younger siblings

4 Minutes ©
I see them adding vocals to the ensemble: it works
And I just love how we get more Kurt singing now
I love seeing red and cheerleaders. SO HSM

What It Feels Like For a Girl ©
I'll never be comfy with the spoken word in the start
or Mr. Schu's hand signals, but they're blending? Really good
Oh Finnesa, you're too adorable.

Like A Prayer ©
I really really loved it when the choir came out
And when Kurt did his solo part
Jesse, it'll take a while to get used to him

Bones 05x18: The Predator in the Pool

BONES, you are the standard. I get that Bones/Booth are trying to move on but HELLO!?! You guys pick the most un-pretty people to move on with. This is good though. Cause it will just make Booth/Brennan stand out more. I felt really bad for Booth when Bones was talking about sex codes and going out on a date. It's funny cause I don't think Booth would have gone on a date if he wasn't prompted by Bones going on one.

I really love how in the end, no matter who they dated, they'd still end up together in the bar, having drinks and dessert. Let this be a foreshadowing of the plotline they shall follow. No matter who they are with for now, in the end, (not after five seasons), it'll still be Booth/Bones. Right Hart Hanson?!

Vampire Diaries 01x19: Miss Mystic Falls

First off, I'm glad that Caroline won Miss Mystic Falls. FINALLY, girl gets something to go for her. And yet she was still so sweet to Elena when Elena almost chickened out. Good things will come Caroline's way just because she's a real sweetheart.

And look at Damon stepping up to the plate with everything. From really just caring about Stefan enough to clue Elena in to standing in for Stefan during the dance and just being freaking-hot-awesome, I approve of where they're taking this. I'm glad we're seeing the softer side to him. Meanwhile, I also like how they're making evil!stefan totally bad ass now. Go him. Finally!

But really, pretty Elena is pretty. Though she looked pained and tortured this entire episode, she looked really pretty as well. I wish I had hair that long and pretty and easy to style.

I wonder how long Stefan will last on this little detox thing they've put him on. It's detox right?! Cause with how rough he's been with Elena, I don't know how long he'l last without his stash of blood. I wonder how they'll remedy his wildness now.

And just because David Anders and Alaric are cute and pretty to look at, we might as well throw them in. Also, still can't bring myself to care for Bonnie. Sorry kid.

American Idol 9 Top 7 (Inspirational)

Oh Idol, let me count the ways of how un-inspiring Inspirational week was. I do not understand how I'm still holding on, but this week, I felt was a brand new low for the show and their talent. The Casey James and Lee DeWyze's of this world did not impress me at all this week. They're usually pretty up there, but this week, no reaction from me. Also it's a bad week when Aaron Kelly + my hatest 'inspirtaional' song ever, "I Believe I can Fly" actual rates higher for me than Casey/Lee. So bad. Still, it's about time Tim got the boot.

I wish we'd cut the crap and just crown Crystal Bowersox the winner because this week, she brings it once more time with People Get Ready. Her performance is light years away from everyone though I feel like I've seen her do better other weeks. The only other girl left, Siobhan Magnus also shows that this season wasn't really a season of STRONG GIRLS (but a season of 2 strong girls). Her take on When You Believe wasn't her best either, but it was definitely miles away from the others as well.

Michael Lynche rounds up my 'favorites' with his version of Hero. I'm not a fan of this song. At all, but somehow, his performance transcends my hate for this song and actually makes me enjoy it. This is a really really really good thing. Idol, please give back our money. This season has been horrific.


Top EW Pamy Patty Aisha Yuan Sara Nikki Results
12 Katie Paige Tim Paige Paige Paige Katie Lacey
11 Paige Lacey Katie Lacey Tim Lacey Tim Paige
10 Aaron Aaron Paige Katie Aaron Aaron Aaron Didi
9 Lacey Katie Lacey Tim Lacey Tim Paige Andrew
8 Andrew Andrew Michael Aaron Katie Katie Lacey Katie
7 Tim Michael Lee Lee Andrew Didi Andrew Tim
6 Casey Tim Casey Siobhan Casey Michael Michael
5 Didi Lee Aaron Crystal Didi Lee Siobhan
4 Michael Casey Andrew Didi Michael Siobhan Lee
3 Lee Didi Siobhan Casey Lee Andrew Casey
2 Siobhan Siobhan Didi Andrew Crystal Casey Didi
1 Crystal Crystal Crystal Michael Siobhan Crystal Crystal

Poll #1555200 AI9: Top 7 (Inspirational)

Who were your favorites?

Casey James - "Don't Stop"
Lee DeWyze - "The Boxer"
Tim Urban - "Better Days"
Aaron Kelly - "I Believe I Can Fly"
Siobhan Magnus - "When You Believe"
Michael Lynche - "Hero"
Crystal Bowersox - "People Get Ready"

Who should have been eliminated

Aaron Kelly
Casey James
Crystal Bowersox
Lee DeWyze
Michael Lynche
Siobhan Magnus
Tim Urban

Over-all, the Top 7 were

Very Good
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