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R-Bils Gets Around; Camilla Pretties Up & Jake is Ready for Some Action

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When my favorite people come out, they come out in droves -- and I'm certainly not complaining. This past week between Coachella (I'll save Kristen for next time) and some events, I've had my dose of prettiness all around. Let's cross our fingers that this is a steady pace.

And so we have R-Bils everywhere including the music festival where everyone from Anne to Camilla was. Of course, She & Him (meaning Zooey) was there too. explainingsound, I really am jealous you got to go.


Before Coachella, Rachel was at the premiere of Waiting for Forever which also co-stars Tom Sturridge. How can one not love those Brits. She looked great in her dress. Then she showed up at the Launch of ReRock Denim where she wore another of her shorts-tights combos. It's too hot to pull this off here, but I'd like to try when December rolls around. And finally, she was spotted at the Lacoste Party (just like Kristen!) at Coachella. Oh to be there.


To see Zooey perform live would be a dream come true. Leave it to her to look adorably preppy in her dress at the festival. While everyone's going boho chic, Zooey stays true to her style and looks amazing. Damn, I wish I were there.


Anne attended the premiere for Breaking Upwards. It's that smile again. But she got me interested in the movie, and I kind of want to check it out now. Their website is pretty cute so I hope I find this somewhere someday.


Things I don't think I'll ever get to do: attend the opening of a Tod's boutique in LA and be at the Metropolitan Opera Gala. Both of which Camilla did in like a week and looked AMAZING at both events. Girl is flawless and I just don't know how she does it. Girl crush rages on.


I haven't seen Zac out and about in quite a bit so it was good to see him out with Vanessa at the St. Jude "Stars For Life" Gala. I'm guessing it benefits kids or something good, but one thing I'm sure of is Zac pulls that suit of pretty well. Zanessa's going strong too, I see.


I did not know Harry was a patron of these cadets. He comes in his signature blue (how many blue shirts does this boy have!?) and interacted with these lucky kids. I don't know what group I'd have to be part of to be breathing the same air, but they sure are lucky.

Eun Hye

I MISS THIS GIRL SO MUCH. I still haven't finished watching Take Care of the Young Lady but something tells me I'll try to find time soon. I wish she'd come out in another KDrama soon, but she looks so beautiful in the Korean W Magazine May issue. I think I'm gonna go watch her She's Olive in New York again and make myself even more jealous.

And finally, Jake looking so handsome on the cover of GQ May 2010. I think it's his FOURTH?! time on the cover and his photoshoot with the crowds in Times Square is just really cute. I wish I were there.


It’s... it’s okay. It goes in either direction. I think it’s important for every man to find the right woman and every woman to find the right man.… Who am I to say what the most important thing in life is? The best answer I could give to any of those things is that I really don’t know. Particularly right now in my life.
-- on being a single man

It’s a very difficult thing—or it has been over the course of my life—for me to have respect for people like Jake, who are not self-destructive, who are positive. There are very few actors who have that quality. I go [sighs], ‘Ohhhh, motherf–ker just wants to live—f–k him.’ and my thesis with Jake is that it is genuine. He is not doing it to be more popular and more successful, it is actually who he is.
-- Peter Sarsgaard on Jake

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