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If You're Pissed Off Cause You're Underpaid, Well That's Okay

The room turned orange[15 Down/37 To Go!]
[+] It's crazy how a week could go by both so fast and yet so damn slow. When I have deadlines to meet, the time just flies by, yet when I want it to be Friday, the hours drag on so slowly. And of course, the weekend just goes by in the blink of an eye.

[-] My siblings are on summer so whenever I get home, they're all there totally non-stressed by school (though one is taking college review class and the other summer class AND driving) but still. It's summer. A summer that I don't have. Oh well, at least it isn't too traffic in the morning.

[-] There doesn't seem to be anything to really look forward to other than weekends. It's kinda sad how my life is now reduced to counting down to Friday afternoon. I'm still glad I got to break routine this week and saw a friend and caught a movie with my family. I shouldn't complain. Here's to hoping we have nothing to complain about next week.

Mondays are crazy days. But this was crazier than usual. SOOOOO many things happened, I didn't even get to take a sneak peek at the Counterpoint and A Rough Start updates! Blasphemy! I tell you. Even until I was about to go home, so much work was pouring in. It's a good thing my dad was able to swing by for me on the way home because I do not think I would be able to function on public transportation after my day.
Mens Rea update blew my mind. Too bad I was too busy at work to even sneak it in a bit. This week is turning out to be made of crazy. Still, I was able to get off work early enough to catch a Date Night with my family. Such a funny movie. Also, I got a phone call that could possibly lead to something different for me, I just don't know if I'm interested enough or brave enough to take a plunge just yet. Oh well, not thinking about it first.
Following doctor's orders, I'm totally breaking routine. After work, I headed to Sophie's house to have dinner and also force her to watch New Moon in their home theater. That's right. It was literally a theater at home complete with huge screen, theater seats/lazy boys and the works. It felt so weird watching it again on the big screen but more than that I just really enjoyed hanging with Sophie again. I miss this girl so much and she talked my ear off the whole night. Good times.
Though my work is hardly the pressure cooker other industries are, there are times when I want to pull my hair out. Today was one of them. Just when I thought things were going okay with a campaign, things go the other way. It's not that it's not entirely fixable but I just wish people would be accountable for their actions instead of dumping it all on me/us. Oh well, realities of working. I never thought I'd experience office shiz. It feels so detached from my real life: fangirling.
I love going home from work early. Especially this Friday considering what a tiring week I'd had. I got home and was too tired to even watch my shows! What a travesty. Instead, I ended up finishing The Historian which was pretty freaking great. It's gotten me a little tired though so I'm gonna take a mini-break from books and not pick one up for the weekend. Instead, I've been re-reading fic since there haven't been new updates. Friday is always love.
It apparently takes a lot of time to watch six television shows I missed during the week. I didn't think I could get exhausted laying down watching TV but I did. And so when I laid down on my grandma's bed with Eclipse (so I lied, I couldn't take a hiatus from reading), I actually fell asleep at like 4 in the afternoon. It wouldn't have been so bad if I had woken up for dinner. Except I slept all through the rest of Saturday and woke up on a Sunday! Seriously, what a waste of Saturday.
I have vowed to stay away from my grandmother's room as it always leads me to slumber -- though I do love it, I wouldn't mind spending my weekends awake reading or watching movies. I'm kind of dreading the week to come just because I will be manager-less for the first half and I'm afraid things will suddenly landslide but I'm staying positive. I ended up watching Becoming Jane and Thank You For Smoking. Good films too!
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