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TV Time: Sue's Engorged with Venom & Triumph; David Anders Ups The Hotness; B/B Slow Dance

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And Glee is back like it never really disappeared. Oh how I've missed this show. With guest stars like Jonathan Goff and Idina Menzel, this show just keeps getting better. Despite no Chuck this week, Bones and the Vampire Diaries were pretty good. My week was so crazy though that I only watched all my shows on Saturday. It's tiring to watch 6 shows (no Idol for me) in a row!

Doctor Who 05x02: The Beast Below

Though not as explosive as the first episode, this second one wasn't bad. Though I can imagine why Amy would want to run away the night before her wedding, I do kinda feel bad for the dude she left behind. This is gonna bite her in the ass, I can feel, in episodes to come.

And emo!doctor is emo! I get that he's the last of his kind, like the beast below, but wow, he sure was touchy about it. I'm so happy Amy saved the day just because I didn't appreciate how the doctor was getting all huffy about her pressing the 'forget' button and just blaming things on everyone. Still, adorable is adorable and when they hugged in the end? Too cute.

Gossip Girl 03x18: The Unblairable Lightness of Being

So I really love Dorota. Though they could have handled her a little cheesier than they've apparently done, I'm just glad she's happy and married now. Cyrus is totally right about her though. She really is the one who's raised Blair -- though that isn't saying much, I'm glad that Cyrus (and now Eleanor) acknowledge that. Dorota and Blair's heart-to-heart pre-wedding made me all choked up.

Meanwhile, I'm kind of glad Blair let Chuck go. Yeah, I like them together and yeah, Chuck's an ass for hooking up right away, but I'm hoping he works hard to get her. It's been Blair going after him all this time, it's time Chuck realized her worth. Because Blair, despite her craziness, really loves Chuck and deserves someone who will love her just as fiercely.

Also, I don't know where this is going but Lily shacking up with Mr. Van Der Woodsen?! Right after marrying Rufus?! I sense drama in the future. No wonder Serena's so messed up. I feel bad that Nate's left in the dark in all of this. I see you causing drama Little J.

And just because I love me some Eric. I'm not liking his new bisexual love-to-be. Bring back Jonathan. He and Eric were adorable together.

90210 02x18: Another Another Chance

I'm just glad Naomi came clean in the end. See, she's not as despicable as her sister just yet. Yes, I'm annoyed she even brought it that far, but she was just desperately trying to hold on to Liam. And speaking of Liam, I am so glad he just flat out rejected Ivy. I like her, but she's gotten a tad clingy. But really, LUKE AS LIAM'S DAD?!?! OH YEAH. I miss Luke (and Lorelai).

Also, I missed Teddy. I'm glad we still got some Silver hanging out with Annie (cause I'm warming up to Annie again). Poor Annie too. With her head drama and all that. I hope she doesn't go all out crazy over Jasper's uncle and all. I'm glad that now she can commiserate with Naomi. At least they can lean on one another. Also, I still don't care about Navid/Lila, Adrianna/Gia. Navid/Adrianna though? I'm still for it.

Glee 01x14: Hell-O

Let's start with how much I love Finn/Rachel. Yes, Finn's dumb and Rachel's crazy, but in the end, I kinda see them working things out. Still, it doesn't mean I'm not loving all the hullabaloo going about them now. I love Brittany/Santana's attempts at seducing Finn. Their date was just A+. How crazy these girls can get? I don't know, but I love them already -- complete with little finger holding and their random conversations. Plus it's good to see that they've woken Finn up to the realization that Rachel is good for him.

HOWEVER, I'm loving Jesse/Rachel. Yeah, he's evil and is just using her, but how hot is he?!?! Everytime he opens his mouth to sing or prove how alike he and Rachel are, I'm sold. We need more Jesse in our lives.

Of course Emma's a virgin. The look on Mr. Schu's face is kinda priceless. you could tell he wanted to go just a little further but was trying to be respectful of Emma's boundaries and all. And in comes Idina Menzel. How convenient she's totally open to hooking. Though I doubt Mr. Schu will go for it (I could be wrong) with them being competition and all, it would be funny if Jesse/Rachel were hooking up (though on the sly) while Mr. Schu and Idina were also going at it.

Also Viva Sue! I swear, I love how her scheming mind works. How she looked underneath the blankets with the principal were hilarious. She really will do anything to get back. How she tried to get Santana/Brittany to seduce Finn was just priceless. I'm glad she now realizes how stupid her minions really are. But the best was luring Rachel into the 'Old Maids Club.' Sue is the most fabulous old maid ever and seeing her in that circle was just too funny. I love love love Sue.

Hello, I Love You ©
I love how Finn comes alive when he sings alone.
Favorite part? When he walked the corridors with the Cheerios
He can swagger like the best of them when he tries
Oh and yes, Finn. That's why the band is there.

Gives You Hell ©
Rachel being Rachel is always fun to watch
The fact that she got the Changster to stand up
and dance with her is even better.

Hello ©
I love love loved their duet.
They sound so good together and blend really well
You could tell how excited

Highway to Hell ©
Seriously. Too MUCH hotness in one performance.
You McKinley High kids are good, but this bunch?
They're on a whole nother level. That's professional.

Hello, Goodbye ©
I love their outfits. They're all so adorable
The pained looks on Finn and Rachel's faces were
a tad too much, but these kids always go 100%
when they're being all mopey anyway.

Bones 05x17: The Death of the Queen Bee

OH BONES! You're rich and successful but still unable to interact with those from your high school. But of course. Leave it to Bones to befriend the creepy janitor guy with lots of blades -- because he's actually nice on the inside. The cutest part? Booth totally pretending to be her husband and being ~okay with the dancing. I love how Bones just latched onto him and just wanted to experience her prom with Booth. JUST ADMIT YOU WANT HIM BONES!!!! Poor Booth, having to endure it all. You know he's suffering on the inside.

And I see Wendell being the big guy and stepping aside for the eventual Hodgins/Angela reunion. I hope this is for real this time around cause I'd hate for Wendell to be put aside for nothing. And since we know Booth/Brennan ain't getting together till the 200th episode, we might as well get some Angela/Hodgins love while we can.

Vampire Diaries 01x18: Under Control

Who loves Evil!Stefan? Raise your hand. I didn't think I would be so entertained by Stefan breaking loose and all. Dancing at the party, being all violent with the humans and just being anti-stefan. Which is essentially sad, cause you know he'll be back to his stefan-ways and will thus make him less likable.

AND DAVID ANDERS IS GUEST STARRING!!! How awesome can this episode be!? Uncle John seems to have a secret that makes him live despite being pushed off balconies by Damon. I looooooove David Anders -- loved him as Sark in Alias, didn't get to see him on Heroes, but love him still and now he's here.

Also, I miss Caroline. Just saying. Matt needs to man up and stay away from Elena just to prove he's with Caroline for her and not just because he wants to be with someone. She deserves better. Really. Still don't care about Jeremy (though I do miss me some Anna) or the mayor's son (who maybe has informed me is named Tyler and may have some Jacob Black-ish tendencies)

American Idol 9: Top 9 (Part 2)

And so goes another week on Idol wherein I have zero to little interest in the matter. Do I think Andrew and Katie deserved the boot? Sure, at this point, anyone who doesn't wow me should go. Andrew's been underwhelming the past few weeks and though Katie was getting better, it was just a matter of time till she left. Still, I'm glad some people are making me sit up and listen.

Siobhan Magnus is back choosing my FAVORITE Elvis song Suspicious Minds. I loved it when JD Fortune sang it on Rockstar INXS, I loved what Siobhan did to it as well. I'm glad she's returned to top form. Though I'm not familiar with the song Saved, Crystal Bowersox knocks another one out of the park with that one. She's just so consistent every week. Sure, I'm not always BLOWN AWAY but at least I can count on her for something good.

I'm really liking Lee DeWyze and his A Little Less Conversation. He really picks great songs and does well with them. And just like Kayla, I don't know what planet I'm on right now because I'm actually kinda enjoying Tim Urban's Can't Help Falling In Love. Yeah, he's stayed way past his due, but at least he's sort of fighting to stay on. Not a huge huge fan of Casey James this week with Lawdy Miss Clawdy, but his prettiness saves him and he's actually not bad at all.


Top EW Pamy Patty Aisha Yuan Sara Nikki Results
12 Katie Paige Tim Paige Paige Paige Katie Lacey
11 Paige Lacey Katie Lacey Tim Lacey Tim Paige
10 Aaron Aaron Paige Katie Aaron Aaron Aaron Didi
9 Lacey Katie Lacey Tim Lacey Tim Paige Andrew
8 Andrew Andrew Michael Aaron Katie Katie Lacey Katie
7 Tim Michael Lee Lee Andrew Didi Andrew
6 Casey Tim Casey Siobhan Casey Michael Michael
5 Didi Lee Aaron Crystal Didi Lee Siobhan
4 Michael Casey Andrew Didi Michael Siobhan Lee
3 Lee Didi Siobhan Casey Lee Andrew Casey
2 Siobhan Siobhan Didi Andrew Crystal Casey Didi
1 Crystal Crystal Crystal Michael Siobhan Crystal Crystal

Poll #1552477 AI9: Top 9 (Elvis)

Who were your favorites?

Crystal Bowersox - "Saved"
Andrew Garcia - "Hound Dog"
Tim Urban - "Can't Help Falling in Love"
Lee DeWyze - "A Little Less Conversation"
Aaron Kelly - "Blue Suede Shoes"
Siobhan Magnus - "Suspicious Minds"
Michael Lynche - "In the Ghetto"
Katie Stevens - "Baby, What You Want Me to Do"
Casey James - "Lawdy Miss Clawdy"

Who should have been eliminated

Aaron Kelly
Andrew Garcia
Casey James
Crystal Bowersox
Katie Stevens
Lee DeWyze
Michael Lynche
Siobhan Magnus
Tim Urban

Over-all, the Top 9 were

Very Good
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