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Bel Ami Goes Budapest

Because Rob seems to be doing thing back to back to back, we get a glimpse of him shooting Bel Ami with three hot ladies (Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci and Emma Scott Thompson) and well let's just say, things are supposed to get a little heated. Though we don't see much of that in these behind the scenes (obviously), seeing Rob with a top hat and all dressed up period-style makes me quite excited to see this flick.

In Eclipse news, there are just 74 days left till Eclipse and so far, no new anything. What we did get was a false alarm tweet from Slade regarding the 2nd trailer and lots of re-shoot rumors. However, we did get a good bit. Howard Shore is doing the score. He did the LOTR trilogy and a whole more. Other than those hot make-out shots of Edward/Bella, this is the first thing I'm kinda excited about. Slade, more please?

While the Eclipse non-craziness is happening, Rob has been holed up in London and Hungary shooting his film Bel Ami. It's funny cause I've been reading the Historian and it's set in Budapest as well. But back to this one, Rob + Top hat? Funny but it grows on you. Still not loving the hat hair -- even Rob isn't immune to having hat hair. He is human. I can't wait to see this film come to life.

You know what else is growing on me? Rob + His Bodyguard. I remember the days when I used to be obsessed over *NSync and knew the names of the bodyguards each member had. Seriously. The *NSync boys always seemed to be really close to their bodyguards, and if I recall, they even mentioned them in interviews. It makes me wonder how close Rob has gotten to his bodyguard knowing they spend A TON of time together.

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