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I could sleep forever these days because in my dreams I see you again

Drowning now[14 Down/38 To Go!]
[+] Though I'm allergic to dogs in real life, I sure aren't allergic to them in the form of the cutest VGIFT from mellowdee! Thanks woman, I miss you so!

[+] After much coordination and texting and lots of calls, I finally met aauthentique! Despite my work taking me away all day and her family commitments, it actually happens. Sure, it lasted about 5 minutes and had me mostly chasing her around the metro to addresses I wasn't even aware of, at least it happened. She's just as sweet in real life as she is on LJ and I hope we get to spend a tad more time next time you come around. Glad you're back safe ♥

[-] Sure, I had a long weekend again, but the weather has been soooooo hot. I get it's summer but the air is just so dry and I don't know if I'll see rain again. I need rain so bad now. Hope you all have a good week ahead. Less heat/less stress and more fun!

I got a text message from my thesis partner/really good friend Anna. I haven't spoken to her in forever and it felt great to catch up. A year ago, we were just binding our thesis. How fast time flies. I don't recall texting her ever to catch up just because we saw each other ALL THE TIME. it's so good to just check in with her. Add to that, we get The Cannabean Betrothal and a Mens Rea outtake?! Heaven on a Monday. I love it.
Got to work extra early -- and was able to go home at a decent time too. I'm thinking of going back to my old 'early bird' routine, but we'll see how I fare waking up the rest of the week. It's so hard to go to work this week knowing we have another holiday on Friday. Though I'm not yet sure who I'm voting for in the May elections, any official that promises ONE LONG WEEKEND every month has my vote. i mean what's 12 more extra holidays right? Brilliant, I tell you.
People in the office are dropping like flies. I'm literally the last person standing in the team because at one point everyone has gotten/felt sick. I hope I can remain non-sick -- I don't exactly want to take a sick leave right now. Then I get home and there's no electricity. Our entire village is cloaked in darkness and it's so hot. I'm hoping they turn on our generator but after an hour and a few the lights finally come back on. Thank goodness, it was so hot.
I actually went out on my own free will, which is something I NEVER do. But since the doctor told me to break my routine, I thought, why the hell not? It is a holiday tomorrow anyway. After work, despite getting swamped with crap at the last minute, I actually met up chased aauthentique around the city! Though we saw each other for five minutes (she looked so cute!), it was definitely time well spent. Till next time, Gabby!
I actually went out yesterday, despite my longing to stay in bed all day and while i was standing in front of a soap stand, I totally remembered it was the un-google-able man's birthday (who is apparently not so un-google-able anymore!). I text him because he's a good guy and prolly one of the only decent crushes I had and we ended up texting for a bit. It was just great to catch up with him. It's rare for me to think back on a crush with positive feelings.
Despite the excruciatingly hot day, I managed to spend all afternoon reading The Historian. It's been getting mixed reviews from friends, but so far, I'm kinda enjoying it. I wish it weren't so hot while I was reading though. I find it so hard to do ANYTHING when the weather is just too damn hot. It's a good thing, our electric fan hasn't given up on me just yet. My dad turns on the AC in their room but I don't want to spoil myself lest I get used to it too much.
I stayed up for rpattzdaily's Bad Mother's Handbook watch-along and though I wish it were the How To Be one, it made me miss Daniel Gale a lot. That was a fun one. The rest of the day just went by as I napped in the afternoon -- it was just too hot and I was too lazy to watch the new Doctor Who. However, I couldn't seem to put down The Historian. It's been pretty riveting and I just want to get to the end. 400 pages left.
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