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TV Time: Finally! Epic Times on TV -- Hello Eleven; Sarah Still Has Her Chuck; Booth Always Knew

TV this week brought TONS of FINALLY!moments. Chuck/Sarah in Paris? Finally! The Eleventh Doctor? Finally! Booth telling Brennan he knew all along? FINAAAALLLLY!!!! Though 90210 and Vampire Diaries didn't have FINALLY moments, they were still pretty awesome. And FINALLY! Gossip Girl wasn't too sucky this week! I wonder when Idol will have a FINALLY moment for me.

Doctor Who 05x01: The Eleventh Hour

So despite not being able to finish the 10th doctor's 3 seasons, I cheated and went ahead to the 11th. I just couldn't stand it. And boy, am I glad I zipped ahead. Though the 9th and 10th have their endearing qualities, because I'm practically a newbie to this, I guess I'll have a special spot for the 11th. Matt Smith is all sorts of adorable. And his companion, Amy Pond is just so beautiful. Gingers hold a special place in my heart.

How cute is their backstory? I love little Amy waiting on the doctor to come back only to have him leave her for 12 years and then another 3 years. And she's about to get married too! Way to go, Doctor for saving her from a life she obviously isn't ready for -- considering she just stepped into the Tardis to get swept away. Basically, I'm excited for this season and the adventures they'll be getting into. And their chemistry. Please say there's some love angle going on between 11 and Amy.

Gossip Girl 03x17: Inglorious Bassterds

Though I wasn't exactly excited over the fact that Little J's trying to break up N and S, explainingsound made me realize this is the kind of thing the prettiest couple needs to shake things up. Though I'm in agreement with that, I'm hoping the writers don't break N/S up right away over J okay? Let her stir the pot but don't let her spoil everything. They're too pretty.

C/B really need to stick together. Yeah, C was a basstard, but what's new? I hope B doesn't let this break them up. You guys are stronger than Jack Bass right?! AND FINALLLY! Some Eric! My goodness, I missed you so much. Please say he'll be here for the rest of the season.

Chuck 03x13: Chuck Versus the Other Guy

FINALLY. Seriously. Despite SO MUCH epicness happening in this episode, I can only really focus on two parts. First, Chuck asking Sarah if she loves him. How direct. How honest. FINALLY. And Chuck gets his answer. She loves him. All is freaking right in the world now. Do I wish they'd have been able to consummate this love even just a bit? Of course, but alas, a mission with evil!Shaw arrives. Boy am I glad he's dead.

AND LOOK FOLKS! They're in freaking Paris! Paris, France! Where Chuck has always wanted to go. And now he's there. WITH SARAH. The love of his life. I love how they totally hang up on the General. And I love how Casey got Morgan to be a spy. But what I really love is how despite Chuck killing Shaw (and fearing Sarah wouldn't love 'her chuck' anymore cause he killed someone), Sarah still takes Chuck. I'm hoping they don't mess with our happy couple during the three week hiatus. And NBC, do NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW, okay?!

90210 03x17: Sweaty Palms and Weak Knees

JASPER, why are you NOT DEAD YET?! I know they're trying to give this storyline closure with Jasper's being shipped off, but it only scares me cause he can so come back and wreak havoc for Annie. And I don't want that to happen. Annie kinda deserves a break. And i hate how that break is going to be with Liam. I mean I'm guessing after this entire Naomi-fake-sexual-harassment thing hits the fan, Liam won't want to be with her. And then Annie becomes the fall girl and she deserves better than that. Oh well.

I kinda want Teddy. I know he's old and shouldn't be in high school, but he's adorable. And I love Silver. I don't know when this shift happened. Sometime in season 2 when things became awesome, because I really want her and Teddy to work. I also want Silver's hair. And possibly be that skinny, but I'll settle for her hair and style.

Basically, I like Teddy/Silver. A lot. And with Naomi/Liam ending (I can feel the end is near), I like that I have Teddy/Silver. Because though I like Ivy and Dixon is okay, I cannot get on this bus. Nor can I get on the Navid/Lila bus. The Gia/Adrianna wagon isn't so bad, but I find Adrianna's band storyline just so-so. Also, Ivy's mom, please don't sleep with Mr. Matthews again. I can't take it.

Vampire Diaries: 01x17: Let The Right One In

First off, poor Caroline. I know I say this every week, but this time, she really does get the short end of the stick. not only does she discover Vicki's dead body, but she sees Matt push her away only to run into Elena's arms quite literally. I get Matt needs familiarity in Elena's comfort but to do so right after he rejects Caroline's attempts at comfort?! That hurts, man. So fine, I'll give him this episode and possibly the next one to grieve, but be nice to Caroline. She deserves better.

Hello there, Damon/Elena in the rain with the holding of the face and just being awesome together?! I get that this is all so that they can rescue Stefan from the 'merry band of vampires' torturing him, but it's just nice to see them interact, albeit bite at each other and be snarky. The concern Damon has for Stefan is so unbelievably sweet. What a fab brother he is to have. I wonder how this evil!Stefan is going to work into the equation though. I don't want no Salvatore-brother fights. If you are, it better be over Elena, okay?! Nothing else.

And just because I find Alarc really hot, I definitely enjoyed the Alaric/Damon team up to save Stefan. I need more of this, all the time. And just because I was lazy to cap the Anna/Jeremy parts (still not a mega fan, but kinda warming up to them), doesn't mean I wasn't paying attention. I kinda feel bad for Anna, seeing Jeremy get sad over the Vicki thing. She may be a vampire but you can tell she's kinda falling for him. I do not approve of her turning Jeremy into a vampire though, but hey, whatever, I'll bite.

Bones 05x16: The Parts in the Sum of the Whole

WAIT WHAT?! Way to go Mr. Boreanaz on directing the most epic 100th episode ever. I'm glad we don't get a silly AU this time around and instead we see the case before the first case. This episode is so making me want to rewatch 5 seasons worth of Bones just so I can retrace every damn step. And look! Zack is back! And so is Hodgins' old hair! And Cam finds a loophole and is in it too.

flashback!Bones and flashback!Booth's straightforwardness kills me. WHY DID YOU NOT SLEEP TOGETHER ALREADY?! At least we got a make out scene. With tongue action. If only Booth weren't so nice and upfront about the gambling, perhaps we'd have had the one night stand. But alas, he really is a white knight in all sense of the word and we get a kiss in the rain instead. Not bad at all.

But wait, there's more present!Booth decides to take a gamble and pulls present!Bones into a kiss after crushing Sweets dreams of publishing his book. The look Booth gave inside the office when Bones said they 'weren't in love' was priceless. of course he's in love. and he's freaking willing to take a gamble and take a chance. And we get more kissing. DAMMIT HART HANSON!!! You've starved us for so long, we'll take these two kisses for five seasons worth of UST!!!

The post-kiss drama breaks my heart though. You can tell Bones is crushed that she can't change -- or so she thinks. And Booth is devastated as well that he isn't enough for Bones to make her want to take a chance. It hurts so much when Bones asks if they can still work together and when Booth says he's got to move on. And still with (sad) smiles on their faces, they walk into the night, arm in arm, with her head on his shoulder.

WHAT KIND OF TORTURE IS THIS SHOW?! Still, I shall remain optimistic and believe that despite Booth trying to move on in future episodes, I know that Bones is the one for him and Brennan will eventually see that she can change and will be the one to take the gamble. Booth's done his part. It's Brennan's turn to woman up as well. I can't wait till we finally get there. Please don't let it take another 100 episodes.

American Idol 9: Top 9 (Lennon/McCartney)

Show, kicking Michael out to save him is NOT A SHOCKER. You've done this before. Double Eliminations are NOT A SHOCKER. You know what would be a shocker this year?! If the contestants actually bring it so much that I'm compelled to watch the show. That would be the shocker.

Having said that, I'm glad Michael didn't get the boot because he was far from the worst. Aaron, I felt was the worst with his attempt at recreating Archie's The Long and Winding Road. This just further proves he is not Archuleta.

I'm so happy with Casey James right now. I really love how he's surprising me with being pretty AND talented. Not a fan of his hair this week, but I loved Jealous Guy. One of my most favorite Beatles songs and he does it justice. Siobhan Magnus is kinda back with her Across the Universe. I know she could have done better with it though.

Crystal, Tim (gasp! I know) and Lee round out my 'favorites' this week with their covers and though I don't get the big fuss over Lee's bagpipes, I do have to commend Tim for at least being good this week. I feel annoyed that he's still there when Didi should be, but I'll give it to him at least for being good.

Andrew is just okay. Definitely expected more, though I shouldn't as his track record hasn't been amazing. Katie was good, but not good enough. And borefest 2010 ensues once more.

Poll #1549562 AI9: Top 9 (Lennon/McCartney)

Who were your favorites?

Aaron Kelly - "The Long and Winding Road
Katie Stevens - "Let It Be"
Andrew Garcia - "Can't Buy Me Love"
Michael Lynche - "Eleanor Rigby"
Crystal Bowersox - "Come Together"
Tim Urban - "All My Loving"
Casey James - "Jealous Guy"
Siobhan Magnus - "Across the Universe"
Lee DeWyze - "Hey Jude"

Who should have been eliminated

Aaron Kelly
Andrew Garcia
Casey James
Crystal Bowersox
Katie Stevens
Lee DeWyze
Michael Lynche
Siobhan Magnus
Tim Urban

Over-all, the Top 9 were

Very Good
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