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Jake Smiles Through Wondercon; Jen Honors Matt; And I'm Crushing on Amanda

Geeking Out[SOURCE 1 2 3]
Though I'm far from familiar with the videogame, Prince of Persia, Jake Gyllenhaal's role in it is sure to make me watch it. And while Jake's done promotions for this movie at the video-game awards, it's but right that he head on over to WonderCon in SF to hype the movie even more.

I know it's old, Jennifer Garner showed up at the tribute to Matt Damon (with Ben of course). Precious. And I know I'm late, but after seeing the trailer for Letters to Juliet, I couldn't help but crush on Amanda Seyfried. Too freaking adorable.

Press Conference

Bringing his smile to the table, Jake along with Jerry Bruckheimer promote the hell out of Prince of Persia. I'm scared they're overhyping it already, but hey, I won't complain. More reasons to see Jake out and about.

Prince of Persia Panel

I have yet to see videos from this event but if his smile is any indication to how things went, they must be pretty good. I love seeing Jake smile. It's so damn infectious. I wonder when this movie will actually show over here.


Jake plus random old guys is funny. I don't even know who they are, but Jake looked cute, so here it is. Plus, he's held an iPad. Of course he has! He was at WonderCon. I'm sure some of those folks lined up and brought them to the event.


Just stunning. Jen may not be the most cutting edge in fashion, but I think her best accessory is her smile. It's so disarming. And at the American Cinemathique event honoring Matt Damon, she brought her toothy grin with her while wearing a J. Mendel jacquard strapless dress. I wish we'd see more photos of her with Ben, but we know that's asking too much already.


Yes yes, I'm late to the party. It's not like I haven't noticed her at all. I did see her Mean Girls and Alpha Dog and more recently in Mamma Mia! which I loved and Dear John which I surprisingly liked. Plus I've seen the occasional Big Love episode (and yes, I know I should watch Veronica Mar -- I promise I will) and she's consistently endeared herself to me. It doesn't hurt that she's so pretty and yet so adorkable.

At a London screening for Dear John, she looked fabulous in a Doo.Ri minidress sans the tights despite the apparent cold London weather. I'm hoping to see more of her just because she totally brings a smile to my face whenever I see her adorable self.
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