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Everything ends[13 Down/39 To Go!]
[+] Thanks so much mizra for the chocolate bunnies and round and jo_herself for the sugar bunnies. So very sweet. I hope everyone had a great Easter!!!

[-] You know how I was having a hard time breathing? Though nothing is wrong and it ain't serious, the doctors have told me it's my body's manifestation of stress/anxiety. Weird because I don't think I'm stressed. Their tip? Break out of my usual routines and do a bit of yoga/exercise. Good to know I don't have to take any medication though. I just need to relax.

[+] Thank goodness for that 4-day Easter break. I honestly wanted to fill up my Thursday and Friday with activities but I stayed in bed and lounged instead re-reading fic and watching tv and movies (hello New Moon DVD -- I have waited for you). Good times. I hope everyone has a good week up ahead! And that it isn't as excruciatingly hot.

Though I do get annoyed at my dad a lot of the time, he's really the sweetest when he wants to be. I've been having a hard time breathing (for no apparent reason) and he got really worried that he called up his doctor friends and made sure to reassure me that I was fine. My dad always brushes off things as nothing so seeing how he's actually taking me to the hospital to have myself checked means a lot. I hope nothing serious is wrong though.
It's been so hard going to work knowing that the 'long weekend' (aka Holy Week) is upon us. And just when I really wanted to just slack off today, we get a shitload of work dumped on us that needs to be rushed and I can't just let go. I thought I would be able to get home early but alas, time just flies when you need it to last a bit longer. Thank goodness for A Rough Start outtakes and some The Training. I've missed them so.
I don't get sick ever. So the fact that i was having a hard time breathing led my dad to bring me to the hospital which i admit was nice, and I felt so 'cared for' (pardon me, i'm one of six kids, so i crave attention) but really. It's hilarious how now that i actually feel sick, the doctor informs me that it's actually all in my head -- a manifestation of stress. My breathlessness is psychosomatic and I'm literally just thinking it. My dad thought it was kinda funny.
I FINALLY GOT MY NEW MOON DVD. I picked it up yesterday after my hospital and now I can watch it on my Holy Week break. Thank god for that. And because it's Lent, we had confession (funniest thing ever with Fr. Steve) yesterday and the fastest Bisita Iglesia ever (even if we kept going around in circles cause the churches we wanted to go to were still having mass). Also, Mens Rea: A Guilty Mind updated and I cannot get over how brilliant this fic is. More UST please.
Who knew walking around for an hour and a half for the Good Friday Procession would wear me out so bad? It's been so hot that I tok a shower twice in one day. It's only April. I'd hate for things to get worse during May. A little rain please? I feel like I'm wasting my precious days off though. I tried watching The Box but I was lulled to sleep by the AC in my parents room. It was weird, from what I did watch. I can't wait to watch my New Moon DVD though.
Despite the painfully hot day, I just chilled enjoying my New Moon DVD. I did nothing but watch special features and wonder what the hell the other iterations (they used that word A LOT) of this DVD had that mine didn't -- I got the Target one. Also, it's so easy to re-crush on Chris Weitz. I cannot get enough of his voice. More commentary please.I attended the Easter Vigil too and that was fun (though we kept sitting and standing). It was a good mass.
Started Sunday early with the rpattzdaily Little Ashes watch-along. Brilliant, really. My dad took me and my siblings to watch Clash of the Titans in non-3D, cause according to critics/James Cameron, it wasn't really meant to be in 3D. Still it was pretty good. It made me want to go re-read my Greek mythology. Other than that, I can't believe my four day weekend has come to an end. I don't know when I'll get another reprieve from work.
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