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Raise Your Hand If You're A HUUUUGE Fan of Bree

Bree Who?![SMeyer.Com]
With just 91 days to go till Eclipse, SMeyer has decided that Bree >>> Edward and we get a little freebie cause she's nice like that. Personally, I could care less for Bree (RILEY PLEASE), but hey, she's the author.

Poll #1545060 The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

Are you looking forward to the book?

ZOMG! Super! Hell yeah!
Meh, I'll Probably Download
What about Midnight Sun, SMeyer?!

In other news, the 2010 MTV Movie Awards nominations are out and well, let's just say, I hope the cast shows up at the least. Does this mean Eclipse is in the running at the 2011 awards? Wow, I'm tired.

I know that the MTV Movie Awards aren't srs bsnss at all, and I get that they want the maximum ratings, but really, New Moon was nominated in EVERYTHING?! I know it's for the fans -- heck I'm a fan, but it ends up looking like a joke if New Moon sweeps this thing, which will probably happen.

I am relishing the fact that the cast will have to keep going up the stage but there are only so many things one can say when getting up there. Still, I'm secretly enjoying the fact that guilty-crush Chris Weitz will most definitely have to be there. If only for him, I'll let all this nomination nonsense slide.


Too Much CutenesPhoto courtesy of Anna Kendrick Fan
And though I'm happy for the multiple nominations for both Rob and Kristen, I really really really really want Anna to win. How can someone with this face not win right?! Looking utterly adorable at the Pepsi Fresh Start event, Anna doesn't even need this MTV nom, but it would be fun if she won.


Slimed and Still HotPhoto courtesy of Jackson Rathbone Online
Meanwhile, Jackson's been doing the rounds for Avatar: The Last Airbender. I love the cartoon version and still can't get over how Aang isn't Asian. Still, I'm excited to see Jackson out and about and looking pretty damn clean too.

I'm still not over this Eclipse novella. I just didn't know Bree was such a HUGE character. I get that this is about the newborns and seeing a new side. But wouldn't I kill to have seen the Cullens?! From a non-Bella perspective?! Then again, I should be thankful it ain't about the Wolf Pack, no offense Jacob.

You know I'll be reading it, but I just wish it were Midnight Sun. Back to fic for me then.
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