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Let me get my ticket baby[12 Down/40 To Go!]
[+] A HUGE thanks to flautapantera (I hope you're enjoying TX!), suzyx and heartfatality for my awesome sugar bunnies. Definitely wish I could eat them on Easter! ♥

[-] EARTHQUAKES ARE NOT COOL. Especially when it's your first time to experience one inside a building. I hope the earth chills a bit because first Manila and then Chile all in one week. Not cool, earth.

[+] JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE STILL OWNS ME. I was able to score free tickets to the Timabaland "Changing Lives" Tour feat. JoJo and THE Justin Timberlake and despite JT being only a guest star (with like 10 songs), it was worth the drive. As my cousin said, 1/5 of our NSync dream has come true. Calling the rest of the 4/5 please.

[+] I only go to work half the week thanks to Holy Week so hope everyone's week goes by just as fast!

I could definitely use a long weekend sometime soon. It was hard dragging myself to work today knowing that next week is Holy Week and I should be on break -- if i were still in school. It's also nuts, I checked and a year ago, I was editing our thesis. How fast does time fly right?! I ended up watching I Love You, Man before bed and it was really hilarious. I wanted to read but my brain wouldn't function enough. Hopefully it does tomorrow.
What happens when I get a Counterpoint outtake, a Company loves Misery update and an amazing A Rough Start chapter?! A very happy Patty. I didn't know what to do with myself today with all the updates that I'm literally just floating through work. I wish there were more days like today when all my favorite fic updated. Though I didn't get to go home as early, I got a ride home from an office mate which makes up for it completely.
I do not know why I'm still bothering with Idol, but I am. The entire day, I wasn't even looking forward to it. I dressed up for work today thinking I would be attending meetings but because of a last minute project, I ended up getting stuck in the office. All is good though, that's why they hired me anyway. And for some reason, I get so exhausted after work, I'm dead asleep when I get home. Thank god for Mens Rea: A Guilty Mind though. Amazing update. I kinda need more.
WTF EARTHQUAKE. It isn't like this was the first one I've experienced but it was the first one I felt on the 9th floor of an office building. I thought I would be one of those cool, calm, collected ones. No, I was one of those panicky ones. I was with my boss in the pantry when the room started swaying. I didn't know whether I would go under the table or what but I started praying internally and imagining I wasn't in a heap of ruble. Thank god we're all okay.
I had no plans of going to the Timbaland concert tomorrow (featuring JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE) but because my manager scored me tickets, I am so not saying no to that. I just feel bad cause my little sister can't come along cause my brothers were the first to get the tickets from my cousin. I wish I could bring her along. And boy am I glad it's FINALLY the weekend. This seemed like a hella long week and I hope the weekend crawls a little slower. Can't wait till tomorrow.
Despite being in traffic for FOUR FREAKING HOURS on the way to the Timbaland/Jojo/Timberlake concert at MOA, the car ride was hilariously fun with my siblings and my cousins. Sure, my leg hurt and I wanted to curse every damn driver, at least the concert was worth it. Hanging out with officemates and my little sister was fun and seeing Justin finally shake those hips live makes me wish I could have seen *NSync live. Great show.
We finally got to Skype with my siblings/cousin who are currently living in one house in Singapore and it was fun to see them in their new pad. My dad was telling me that I'm next and though going to Singapore would be fun, I don't know if I'm ready to live away from home just yet. Still, if they say London's calling me, I'd be there in a heartbeat. The weekend flew by way too quickly too. Thank god for fic (This is Not My Life owns me now.)
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