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Prince Harry Ups the Good Deed Meter; Anne Honors Mr. Marshall

Good Deeds[SOURCE 12345]
These are times I still wish I were becoming a royal. I know the protocol and all that jazz can be difficult but seeing Prince Harry do all these good deeds (visiting injured servicemen) makes it seem like a fun thing to do. I can't imagine what the hell he says at these things but his smile seems to indicate he's having fun (or just really good at faking it)

Meanwhile, Anne Hathaway is off honoring director Gary Marshall (cause you know, they're tight like that) while Camilla, Rachel and Emma are off being pretty and doing their rounds of publicity. Oh to be a celeb.


I can't wait till a royal wedding happens, honestly. not Harry's hopefully. William's wedding would be fun to watch, though I doubt it'll happen any time soon. In the meantime, I'm contenting myself with my favorite royal Ginger (cause you know I love you, Coco) being all altruistic visiting injured servicemen. The smile kills me.


Anne went to the 18th Annual A Night At Sardi's Fundraiser where Garry Marshall was honored. She was wearing a Prabal Gurung long sleeved dress and the biggest diamond (?) earrings I've seen. I just love seeing smiley Anne.


These are old but I didn't realize how many pre-Oscar shindigs Camilla had attended. And looking AMAZING at each and every one of them at that. For the , she looked stunning in her black Valentino gown -- my favorite! Then for the Chanel Pre-Oscar Party, she was in a tweed Chanel mini-dress (of course). And during the 3rd Annual Women in Film Pre-Oscar Party, she wore a beautiful red Jason Wu dress. She just does no wrong.

Rachel & Christina

I love it when my favorite people get together. Rachel Bilson attended the Ann Taylor Fall 2010 party and hung out with Christina Hendricks -- another favorite ginger. Of course both girls were in Ann Taylor but it just brings me so much joy to see favorite people hanging out.


Finally, despite her busy university life, Emma managed to squeeze in a LONDON shows ROOMS New York Cocktail Party that had Anna Wintour in attendance no less. Is this a possible Vogue Cover for Emma? I wouldn't mind at all. I don't think I could ever pull off her leather Christopher Kane dress but Emma works it. She does look tired though. Staying up making papers perhaps? Oh the double life she leads.
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