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TV Time: Damon Needs To Keep His Shirt Off; Silver Needs to Trust Teddy; Casey Needs To Come Back

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Now that I'm all caught up with Vampire Diaries, I was so psyched to watch it along with everyone else sans the long wait, which is good for me. Though Gossip Girl was fairly more entertaining than last week, I'm still finding it on the blah side. As for American Idol? Wow. I'm just totally disinterested -- which is really really sad considering the many seasons I devoted to it.

Gossip Girl 03x15: The 16-Year Old Virgin

First off, never listen to Serena. Though she's really cute with Nate, that's all she can be. Her schemes NEVER work even if she is trying to copy 'the master' of schemes, Blair. Meanwhile, Blair looks like she's in for a shitfest -- considering she got Chuck to sign over the hotel to his mom, thinking she was trustworthy.

I'd hate to see how things will be next week when Chuck finds out that Jack and Elizabeth and the damn lawyer are all in this together. I hope he doesn't take it out on Blair. Also, I hope Jenny gets a dose of her own medicine. Everyone's going out of their way to look out for her and I get she just wants to be left alone but it's just wrong. Nate, keep being pretty, please.

Chuck 03x11: Chuck Versus the Final Exam

I love the Chuck/Sarah/Casey dynamic that it feels so weird that Casey isn't part of the trio for now. Though this episode did bring two wonderful things: Casey in a suit and Chuck sans his top. WOW. Those are sights to behold.

I wanted to give Chuck a hug when he tried recreating his first stake-out with Sarah. So much for the almost kiss, you cockblocker, you, Shaw. I like looking at you, but please do not interfere with the OT3 of this show and with the Chuck/Sarah love we've all been waiting for. I do not know how Casey will ever get back now, but seeing as Chuck has passed his 'spy test,' I'm hoping he messes up somehow to have the team back together.

90210 02x15: What's Past is Prologue

I really feel bad for Silver. Just when things go her way, she of course has to mess it up by not trusting Teddy. Though I can't blame her. Teddy is a player, but it wouldn't hurt to cut this couple some slack. They just got together yo. Make them happy for a bit perhaps!?

And what's up with this Gia/Adrianna/Navid/Lila quadrangle we've got going on. I'm sure Navid would be happy if all the girls were his but no. I'm okay with Lila, but I think it would be a stretch if Adrianna turns lesbian in the next episode. Still, I sense some experimentation in her future especially now that Navid's 'moving on' to his old cotillion partner. I did not see this coming.

Vampire Diaries 01x15: A Few Good Men

Oh look! So much Damon being hot, I couldn't even concentrate on the story. That little blood orgy Damon was having at the start of the show? I wanna take part. Though I'm sure he's just living up the debauchery to quell his inner turmoil, it's still fun to see the less-straight-laced Salvatore brother have fun.

It's hilarious how Caroline's mom is just totally oblivious to the fact that Damon IS A VAMPIRE. You're totally in cahoots with whom you want to eradicate. Go Damon though for charming the pants off the sheriff. You so know she wants to get with him as well.

And though I could care less about Alaric (or Isobel, whom I realize is from The L Word), he is pretty to look at so I'm glad they didn't just kill him off. Damon's an ass but a hot one doing what he did at the auction though. I swear, I love how evil and how he just 'doesn't care' about anything. I'm sure you do.

And before you think I forgot THAT scene, I just thought I'd drop by my other favorite couple, Matt and Caroline. I usually gloss over side stories just cause I could care less, but for some reason, I really really like Matt/Caroline. And look Julie Cooper Matt's mom is still the irresponsible mom. Poor Melinda Clarke, I see you typecast. I want more Matt/Caroline though. They're adorable.


I honestly didn't know what to do with myself when he walked in with the V near his abs and his abs and his pecs and just his upper body being glorious and all. WOW. The look on Elena's face as she tries to keep it straight is just priceless. We know you're checking him out girl. It's okay. Give in to temptation. And Elena buttoning up Damon's shirt? Too cute. You guys need to get together already. Obviously, I ship that.

American Idol 9: Top 11 (Billboard #1s)

I haven't seen a single episode of Idol ever since jamypye left and am merely relying on mp3s and online videos. This is how bad it's gotten, Idol. I literally have no drive to watch you. If it weren't for a force of habit, I would not make the effort to recap. But for old times sake, here goes.

I DO NOT REMEMBER A SINGLE SONG FROM THAT NIGHT. I had to go and re-listen. Usually, on first listen, something hits me and stands out so well that I listen to it over and over an it's just ingrained in me. Not this time. This time, I just don't care.

Crystal Bowersox did well as always though I agree with Kara and would like to see her sans guitar. Siobhan Magnus is in it to win it and I'm glad. At least TWO PEOPLE are making an effort America!!! I'm really surprised by Casey James though cause despite my NOT watching the show, his performances have stood out. meaning I'm not looking at his pretty face but actually listening to him sing. Go Casey. I hope you consistently surprise me.

Though I just don't have any mad love for Michael Lynche, I have to admit he always does pretty well. Lee DeWyze and Didi Benami were pretty good as well this week. I'm glad that Katie Stevens has improved but Andrew Garcia is just LETTING ME DOWN SO BAD. He's not horrible. I have to give him that. He's just NOT UP TO PAR WITH HIMSELF. He peaked too early perhaps? I feel bad for him.

Thank god Paige Miles is gone though. And sorry, Aaron Kelly. I know you've got your fans and all, but I am just not part of them. Tim Urban? I can't even remember you, thanks for nothing.


Top EW Pamy Patty Aisha Yuan Sara Nikki Results
12 Katie Paige Tim Paige Paige Paige Katie Lacey
11 Paige Lacey Katie Lacey Tim Lacey Tim Paige
10 Aaron Aaron Paige Katie Aaron Aaron Aaron
9 Lacey Katie Lacey Tim Lacey Tim Paige
8 Andrew Andrew Michael Aaron Katie Katie Lacey
7 Tim Michael Lee Lee Andrew Didi Andrew
6 Casey Tim Casey Siobhan Casey Michael Michael
5 Didi Lee Aaron Crystal Didi Lee Siobhan
4 Michael Casey Andrew Didi Michael Siobhan Lee
3 Lee Didi Siobhan Casey Lee Andrew Casey
2 Siobhan Siobhan Didi Andrew Crystal Casey Didi
1 Crystal Crystal Crystal Michael Siobhan Crystal Crystal

Poll #1543300 AI9: Top 11

Who were your favorites?

Aaron Kelly - "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing"
Andrew Garcia - "I Heard It Through the Grapevine"
Casey James - "The Power of Love"
Crystal Bowersox - "Me and Bobby McGee"
Didi Benami - "You're No Good"
Katie Stevens - "Big Girls Don't Cry"
Lee DeWyze - "The Letter"
Michael Lynche - "When a Man Loves a Woman"
Paige Miles - "Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)"
Siobhan Magnus - "Superstition"
Tim Urban - "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

Who should have been eliminated

Aaron Kelly
Andrew Garcia
Casey James
Crystal Bowersox
Didi Benami
Katie Stevens
Lee Dewyze
Michael Lynche
Paige Miles
Siobhan Magnus
Tim Urban

Over-all, the Top 11 were

Very Good
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