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It All Begins With... A Choice... To Hire Better Art Directors... And Use Less Elipses

There are 96 days left till Eclipse comes out and the first movie 'one-sheet' more commonly known as the movie poster came out a day or so ago. And well, I'm obviously not impressed. This is 2/2 unimpressed Pattys going on (first the teaser and now the poster). I remember being marginally more impressed by New Moon's teaser AND poster. Perhaps it was the Chris Weitz touch? Please impress me, Slade.

Movie Poster

Other than the fact that it looks mega-photoshopped, it just feels so concept-less. I know it's not easy coming up with something decent that fans will like, but a firing squad style?! Really!? I'm the easiest person to please and I just didn't get the whoa, now I'm excited feeling from it. Oh well.
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Which is your favorite?

New Moon

More from Eclipse

The best teaser I've seen is the mini-sneak peek that the New Moon Walmart edition DVD has. I saw the 7-minute version and it got me more excited than the poster or the teaser. I'm hoping the upcoming weeks gives me a better look at the new movie -- you are my favorite, Eclipse. Don't let me down please.

New Moon DVD Release

Though the trio weren't onhand for the release parties, it's good to see the rest of the cast go around and mingle with the fans. I can only imagine what a security nightmare bringing out the holy trinity would be so it's definitely easier to handle everyone else from the cast. Daddy!Cullen is still looking great as ever. I swear, PFach is not getting old.


When I read that Anna was going to Tokyo, I got all choked up thinking of when Rob & Kristen & Taylor were in Tokyo last year. Now it's Anna's turn and she looks adorable as always promoting Up in the Air. Goodness, girl knows how to bring it. She was there sans Clooney and still carried it off well.


While Dakota & Kristen were at SXSW promoting the Runaways (Cute!Dakota was so cute on Jimmy Fallon AND George Lopez), Ashley was there too for Skateland. For some reason, despite this girl's many publicity appearances, I just don't sick of seeing her around. So refreshing to see her smile and just be pretty and adorable. I need more Ashley.
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