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And you take me the way I am[11 Down/41 To Go!]
[+] Thanks delarges for your card! I just got it this week and am delighted! You're a sweet♥. Thanks brennans for your VGIFT too! It's not every day I get a sack of money! It's a sign!

[+] I ordered my New Moon DVD from Target and hopefully it'll be shipped soon. I suddenly hate how I went shopping last week only to find out John Mayer tickets were on sale and now I'm gonna be spending money again. Oh please let me win the lottery or something.

[+] ETA: I just realized this was my 2000th entry. WHOA. I feel old/ancient

Spread the love. I know I succumbed but one can never have too many pick me-ups. You are loved, famouslyso. I'm telling you now. Hope everyone has a love-filled next week with zero stress and lots of fun (it'll happen)!

Could this day get any better? First we get an update from The Cannabean Betrothal just when famouslyso mentions missing it then my dad tells me that he wants to watch a movie, Alice in Wonderland (my first in 3D! Cause I'm lame like that). Then before the movie, my dad gets me FROZEN YOGURT (my one true love) and buys me a book (Knit 2 cause I can't let go of the Walkers). All in all, perfect day.
Which of course means, I won't have such a great Tuesday. Work is still work and it's also our last day without our boss. We had to attend this performance appraisal seminar (thinking it was a new system) and 10 minutes into it, I realize it's the same thing as what I had done for regularization. For some reason, when I got home, I was just really exhausted and I fell asleep trying to catch up with Vampire Diaries. Don't worry, maybe -- one more episode!
There is something seriously wrong with me. All I do is go to work, go home and sleep. What happened social life? not that I had any to begin with. Exciting stuff though, I pre-ordered my New Moon DVD from Target and I only have to wait 10 days after it's released till it gets to Manila. Oh the joys of actually sort of having an income. I got home and even if my little sister wasn't on the laptop, I totally dove into bed and read a book. Wow, I feel so old already.
Just found out that John Mayer tickets are 12,000 for the VIP section. Looks like I'll be in silver or bronze! I really want to go but wow it's expensive. I'll figure out a way to get there. May 16, I will be there, John Mayer. In fic land, Emancipation Proclamation was A+! I can't believe Edward joined the Borgata. Carlisle will be a sad panda. I'm also excited for my New Moon DVD to get shipped to NY so I can get it already. Patience, I need it.
Despite having been at work for 6 months, yesterday was my first time to have an online draw for a raffle. I've handled projects halfway through, but this project I saw from the start and now we're doing a draw. It felt weird being the one facilitating it with client and all but it also felt oddly good that I was even part of something like. Though I have absolutely no career goals in life, I think I wanna be a client one day. Instead of being the one servicing the clients. And I'll be a nice client.
I got to Skype with my brother and sister in Singapore. I haven't since my sister moved a week ago and though Pamy looks harrassed as hell, at least she's with PB. I gotta say I'm missing my two siblings quite a bit. The house is much quieter without them both. It was just so good talking to him. It was also great to finally catch up with Vampire Diaries. I don't wouldn't consider myself obsessed just yet but definitely thoroughly hooked.
I woke up extra early to watch Alice (I know, two adaptations in one week!) and the watch-along was so much fun though the tv-movie/mini-series was pretty fab too. Despite the excruciatingly hot day, I stayed in bed reading Knit 2 and now that I'm wrapping up, I wanna get my hands on Knit The Season. I've grown so attached to the characters. It would be more fun if I was reading while it rained though. It's too hot already.
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