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Royal Bus Boy

Prince Eddie

Luke Mably
so sexy/sweet you'll want to:
study in a library with him so you can play with his hands under the table
I just recently watched the Prince and Me and though the story line was a tad unbelievable, I totally adored the lead guy. Prince Eddie is your usual rebellious prince and still, he stands out. First off, he's sexy! Yes, despite the lack of pecs as shown in a scene from the movie, Eddie still manages to ooze with appeal that I can't argue with him in the looks department.

I am a true fan of accents and Eddie has one right on. My love for royalty is strengthened by this sweet royal who isn't afraid of change. Very brave of him to leave the confines of the royal life though his reasons -- seeing wild girls from Wisconsin flash him -- shallow, I still like the fact that he wants something new in his life.

And how could you not fall for him? He was such a sweet to Paige and her family. Milking the cows and racing lawnmowers. That was just precious. And we all knew that after riding home on a lawnmower after that contest that when he brought her into the stables, they weren't just going to be talking. There was so much more planned.

Paige: They think we're involved.
Eddie: But we're not...
Paige: No...
Eddie: Because you hate me.

He was just so sexy when he told her that. He had to kiss her after, of course. The mood was just too perfect, I would have kissed him myself if Paige didn't. When oh when will I ever find a prince? I absolutely love their scenes in the library too. All they ever do is smile at each other and play with each other's hands under the table. Eddie was seriously looking deadly sexy at that moment. When they were clawing each other behind the bookshelves, I was just dying with envy.

When he fought for her to his parents though, I just thought he was the sweetest prince on earth. I can see how impossibly difficult it must be to get your royal parents to approve of your non-royal girlfriend, but he seemed to have that one handled. Again, though impossible, I would never turn down a chance to be his queen. Sure, Paige had her reasons, but I guess we've got different priorities.

When he came to her graduation though, looking sexy as ever in his coat and tie ensemble, that framed his nice long and lean body perfectly, I almost gasped. His sweet words were just perfect of course.

Paige: Denmark isn't ready for a Queen like me.
Eddie: Well then they'll have to be. Because I am.

I don't know about Paige, but I am a go-getter and a girl scout at that. Ready for anything. So, Eddie, if you're listening, I am ready for anything.
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